Commit 2e92f176 authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen
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Fix cl-prettyexpand in the non-FULL case

* lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-extra.el (cl-prettyexpand): This function has
apparently not worked for at least a couple of decades
(bug#38206) unless supplied with a FULL parameter.  Make the FULL
parameter obsolete and make the function always work as it did
with a non-nil FULL.
parent ccb8bbd5
......@@ -693,17 +693,15 @@ PROPLIST is a list of the sort returned by `symbol-plist'.
(defun cl-prettyexpand (form &optional full)
"Expand macros in FORM and insert the pretty-printed result.
Optional argument FULL non-nil means to expand all macros,
including `cl-block' and `cl-eval-when'."
(defun cl-prettyexpand (form &optional _full)
"Expand macros in FORM and insert the pretty-printed result."
(declare (advertised-calling-convention (form) "27.1"))
(message "Expanding...")
(let ((cl--compiling-file full)
(byte-compile-macro-environment nil))
(setq form (macroexpand-all form
(and (not full) '((cl-block) (cl-eval-when)))))
(let ((byte-compile-macro-environment nil))
(setq form (macroexpand-all form))
(message "Formatting...")
(prog1 (cl-prettyprint form)
(cl-prettyprint form)
(message ""))))
;;; Integration into the online help system.
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