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......@@ -5541,11 +5541,13 @@ The following commands are available:
(lambda (&rest _) (org-show-context 'isearch)))
;; Setup the pcomplete hooks
(setq-local pcomplete-command-completion-function 'org-pcomplete-initial)
(setq-local pcomplete-command-name-function 'org-command-at-point)
(setq-local pcomplete-default-completion-function 'ignore)
(setq-local pcomplete-parse-arguments-function 'org-parse-arguments)
(setq-local pcomplete-command-completion-function #'org-pcomplete-initial)
(setq-local pcomplete-command-name-function #'org-command-at-point)
(setq-local pcomplete-default-completion-function #'ignore)
(setq-local pcomplete-parse-arguments-function #'org-parse-arguments)
(setq-local pcomplete-termination-string "")
(add-hook 'completion-at-point-functions
#'pcomplete-completions-at-point nil t)
(setq-local buffer-face-mode-face 'org-default)
;; If empty file that did not turn on Org mode automatically, make
......@@ -19501,7 +19503,7 @@ COMMANDS is a list of alternating OLDDEF NEWDEF command names."
(org-defkey org-mode-map "\C-i" 'org-cycle)
(org-defkey org-mode-map [(tab)] 'org-cycle)
(org-defkey org-mode-map [(control tab)] 'org-force-cycle-archived)
(org-defkey org-mode-map "\M-\t" #'pcomplete)
(org-defkey org-mode-map "\M-\t" nil) ;; Override text-mode binding
;; The following line is necessary under Suse GNU/Linux
(org-defkey org-mode-map [S-iso-lefttab] 'org-shifttab)
......@@ -19567,7 +19569,7 @@ COMMANDS is a list of alternating OLDDEF NEWDEF command names."
(org-defkey org-mode-map [?\C-c (right)] 'org-shiftright)
(org-defkey org-mode-map [?\C-c ?\C-x (right)] 'org-shiftcontrolright)
(org-defkey org-mode-map [?\C-c ?\C-x (left)] 'org-shiftcontrolleft)
(org-defkey org-mode-map [?\e (tab)] #'pcomplete)
(org-defkey org-mode-map [?\e (tab)] nil) ;; Override text-mode binding
(org-defkey org-mode-map [?\e (shift return)] 'org-insert-todo-heading)
(org-defkey org-mode-map [?\e (shift left)] 'org-shiftmetaleft)
(org-defkey org-mode-map [?\e (shift right)] 'org-shiftmetaright)
......@@ -471,13 +471,21 @@ variable `tab-line-tabs-function'."
(defcustom tab-line-auto-hscroll t
"Allow or disallow automatic horizontal scrolling of the tab line.
Non-nil means the tab line are automatically scrolled horizontally to make
the selected tab visible."
:type 'boolean
:group 'tab-line
:version "27.1")
(defun tab-line-auto-hscroll (strings hscroll)
(let ((truncate-partial-width-windows nil)
(truncate-lines nil)
(inhibit-modification-hooks t)
(buffer-undo-list t)
(setq truncate-lines nil
buffer-undo-list t)
(apply 'insert strings)
(goto-char (point-min))
(add-face-text-property (point-min) (point-max) 'tab-line)
......@@ -486,7 +494,9 @@ variable `tab-line-tabs-function'."
(setq show-arrows (> (vertical-motion 1) 0))
;; Try to auto-scroll only when scrolling is needed,
;; but no manual scrolling was performed before.
(when (and show-arrows (not (and (integerp hscroll) (>= hscroll 0))))
(when (and tab-line-auto-hscroll
(not (and (integerp hscroll) (>= hscroll 0))))
(let ((pos (seq-position strings 'selected
(lambda (str prop)
(get-pos-property 1 prop str)))))
......@@ -1038,6 +1038,7 @@ of the current buffer."
"File %s is under version control. Check it out? "
(ediff-abbreviate-file-name file))))
(setq this-command 'ediff-toggle-read-only) ; bug#38219
;; if we checked the file out, we should also change the
;; original state of buffer-read-only to nil. If we don't
;; do this, the mode line will show %%, since the file was
......@@ -2379,6 +2380,7 @@ temporarily reverses the meaning of this variable."
" & show containing session group" "")))
(message "")
(setq this-command 'ediff-quit) ; bug#38219
(set-buffer ctl-buf)
(ediff-really-quit reverse-default-keep-variants))
(select-frame ctl-frm)
......@@ -2228,7 +2228,7 @@ xg_get_file_name (struct frame *f,
static char *x_last_font_name;
#if GTK_CHECK_VERSION (3, 2, 0)
#ifdef HAVE_GTK3
static gboolean
xg_font_filter (const PangoFontFamily *family,
const PangoFontFace *face,
......@@ -2262,7 +2262,7 @@ xg_get_font (struct frame *f, const char *default_name)
w = gtk_font_chooser_dialog_new
#if GTK_CHECK_VERSION (3, 2, 0)
#ifdef HAVE_GTK3
gtk_font_chooser_set_filter_func (GTK_FONT_CHOOSER (w), xg_font_filter, NULL, NULL);
if (default_name)
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