Commit f13a4afd authored by Dario Gjorgjevski's avatar Dario Gjorgjevski Committed by Lars Ingebrigtsen
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Hide quoted passwords with spaces in Authinfo

* lisp/auth-source.el (auth-source-netrc-looking-at-one): New
function, extracted from auth-source-netrc-parse-one.
(auth-source-netrc-parse-one, authinfo--hide-passwords): Use
auth-source-netrc-looking-at-one (bug#38311).
parent 70b88adb
......@@ -1000,13 +1000,18 @@ Note that the MAX parameter is used so we can exit the parse early."
(forward-line 1)
(skip-chars-forward "\t ")))
(defun auth-source-netrc-looking-at-token ()
"Say whether the next think in the buffer is a token (password, etc).
Match data is altered to reflect the token."
(or (looking-at "'\\([^']*\\)'")
(looking-at "\"\\([^\"]*\\)\"")
(looking-at "\\([^ \t\n]+\\)")))
(defun auth-source-netrc-parse-one ()
"Read one thing from the current buffer."
(when (or (looking-at "'\\([^']*\\)'")
(looking-at "\"\\([^\"]*\\)\"")
(looking-at "\\([^ \t\n]+\\)"))
(when (auth-source-netrc-looking-at-token)
(forward-char (length (match-string 0)))
(match-string-no-properties 1)
......@@ -2427,7 +2432,7 @@ passwords are revealed when point moved into the password.
(while (re-search-forward (format "\\(\\s-\\|^\\)\\(%s\\)\\s-+"
nil t)
(when (looking-at "[^\n\t ]+")
(when (auth-source-netrc-looking-at-token)
(let ((overlay (make-overlay (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0))))
(overlay-put overlay 'display (propertize "****"
'face 'warning))
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