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This directory contains LEIM files.
LEIM stands for Libraries of Emacs Input Methods.

Contents of subdirectories are as follows.


This directory contains source dictionaries (TIT format) for Chinese
input method distribued with cxterm (Chinese version xterm).  These
dictionaries are automatically converted to Quail packages (Emacs Lisp
source file) by `make'.


This directory contains Emacs Lisp source files for Quail packages.


This directory contains source dictionary for Japanese input method
distributed with SKK (Japanese input method run with Mule).  But, you
don't need this file because we distribute an Emacs Lisp source file
skk/skkdic.el which has already been converted from the source
dictionary (See below).


This directory contains Emacs Lisp source file skkdic.el which is
generated from a source dictionary in SKK-DIC directory.  In addtion,
it contains a byte compiled file skkdic.elc for users convenience
because it takes rather long time to byte-compile skkdic.el.