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GNUS NEWS -- history of user-visible changes.
Copyright (C) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
See the end for copying conditions.

Please send Gnus bug reports to
For older news, see Gnus info node "New Features".

* Changes in Oort Gnus

** `F' (`gnus-article-followup-with-original') and `R'
(`gnus-article-reply-with-original') only yank the text in the region if the
region is active.

** `gnus-group-read-ephemeral-group' can be called interactively, using `G M'.

** In draft groups, `e' is now bound to `gnus-draft-edit-message'.
Use `B w' for `gnus-summary-edit-article' instead.

** The revised Gnus FAQ is included in the manual.
See the info node "Frequently Asked Questions".

** Upgrading from previous (stable) version if you have used Oort.

If you have tried Oort (the unstable Gnus branch leading to this
release) but went back to a stable version, be careful when upgrading
to this version.  In particular, you will probably want to remove all
.marks (nnml) and .mrk (nnfolder) files, so that flags are read from
your ~/.newsrc.eld instead of from the .marks/.mrk file where this
release store flags.  See a later entry for more information about
marks.  Note that downgrading isn't safe in general.

** Article Buttons

More buttons for URLs, mail addresses, Message-IDs, Info links, man pages and
Emacs or Gnus related references, see the info node "Article Buttons".  The
variables `gnus-button-*-level' can be used to control the appearance of all
article buttons, see the info node "Article Button Levels".

** Dired integration

`gnus-dired-minor-mode' installs key bindings in dired buffers to send a file
as an attachment (`C-c C-m C-a'), open a file using the approriate mailcap
entry (`C-c C-m C-l'), and print a file using the mailcap entry (`C-c C-m
C-p').  See the info node "Other modes".

** Gnus can display RSS newsfeeds as a newsgroup.  To get started do `B
nnrss RET RET' in the Group buffer.

** Single-part yenc encoded attachments can be decoded.

** Picons
The picons code has been reimplemented to work in Emacs 21 -- some of
the previous options have been removed or renamed.

Picons are small "personal icons" representing users, domain and
newsgroups, which can be displayed in the Article buffer.  To enable
picons, install the picons database from

and point `gnus-picon-databases' to that location.

** If the new option `gnus-treat-body-boundary' is `head', a boundary 
line is drawn at the end of the headers.

** Retrieval of charters and control messages
There are new commands for fetching newsgroup charters (`H c') and
control messages (`H C').

** Delayed articles
You can delay the sending of a message with `C-c C-j' in the Message
buffer.  The messages are delivered at specified time.  This is useful
for sending yourself reminders.  Setup with (gnus-delay-initialize).

** If `auto-compression-mode' is enabled, attachments are automatically
decompressed when activated.

** If the new option `nnml-use-compressed-files' is non-nil, 
the nnml back end allows compressed message files.

** Signed article headers (X-PGP-Sig) can be verified with `W p'.

** The Summary Buffer uses an arrow in the fringe to indicate the
current article in Emacs 21 running on a graphical display.  Customize
`gnus-summary-display-arrow' to disable it.

** Warn about email replies to news
Do you often find yourself replying to news by email by mistake?  Then
the new option `gnus-confirm-mail-reply-to-news' is just the thing for

** If the new option `gnus-summary-display-while-building' is non-nil, 
the summary buffer is shown and updated as it's being built.

** The new `recent' mark "." indicates newly arrived messages (as
opposed to old but unread messages).

** The new option `gnus-gcc-mark-as-read' automatically marks 
Gcc articles as read.

** The nndoc back end now supports mailman digests and exim bounces.

** Gnus supports RFC 2369 mailing list headers, and adds a number of 
related commands in mailing list groups.

** The Date header can be displayed in a format that can be read aloud
in English, see `gnus-treat-date-english'.

** The envelope sender address can be customized when using Sendmail, see 

** diffs are automatically highlighted in groups matching

** TLS wrapper shipped with Gnus

TLS/SSL is now supported in IMAP and NNTP via tls.el and GNUTLS.  The
old TLS/SSL support via (external third party) ssl.el and OpenSSL
still works.

** New make.bat for compiling and installing Gnus under MS Windows

Use make.bat if you want to install Gnus under MS Windows, the first
argument to the batch-program should be the directory where xemacs.exe
respectively emacs.exe is located, iff you want to install Gnus after
compiling it, give make.bat /copy as the second parameter.

`make.bat' has been rewritten from scratch, it now features automatic
recognition of XEmacs and GNU Emacs, generates gnus-load.el, checks if
errors occur while compilation and generation of info files and reports
them at the end of the build process.  It now uses makeinfo if it is
available and falls back to infohack.el otherwise.  `make.bat' should now
install all files which are necessary to run Gnus and be generally a
complete replacement for the "configure; make; make install" cycle used
under Unix systems.

The new make.bat makes make-x.bat superfluous, so it has been removed.

** Support for non-ASCII domain names

Message supports non-ASCII domain names in From:, To: and Cc: and will
query you whether to perform encoding when you try to send a message.
The variable `message-use-idna' controls this.  Gnus will also decode
non-ASCII domain names in From:, To: and Cc: when you view a message.
The variable `gnus-use-idna' controls this.

** Better handling of Microsoft citation styles

Gnus now tries to recognize the mangled header block that some Microsoft
mailers use to indicate that the rest of the message is a citation, even
though it is not quoted in any way.  The variable
`gnus-cite-unsightly-citation-regexp' matches the start of these

** gnus-article-skip-boring

If you set `gnus-article-skip-boring' to t, then Gnus will not scroll
down to show you a page that contains only boring text, which by
default means cited text and signature.  You can customize what is
skippable using `gnus-article-boring-faces'.

This feature is especially useful if you read many articles that
consist of a little new content at the top with a long, untrimmed
message cited below.

** The format spec %C for positioning point has changed to %*.

** The new variable `gnus-parameters' can be used to set group parameters.

Earlier this was done only via `G p' (or `G c'), which stored the
parameters in ~/.newsrc.eld, but via this variable you can enjoy the
powers of customize, and simplified backups since you set the variable
in ~/.emacs instead of ~/.newsrc.eld.  The variable maps regular
expressions matching group names to group parameters, a'la:

     (setq gnus-parameters
              (gnus-show-threads nil)
              (gnus-use-scoring nil))
              (to-group . "\\1"))))

** Smileys (":-)", ";-)" etc) are now iconized for Emacs too.

Customize `gnus-treat-display-smileys' to disable it.

** Gnus no longer generates the Sender: header automatically.

Earlier it was generated iff the user configurable email address was
different from the Gnus guessed default user address.  As the guessing
algorithm is rarely correct these days, and (more controversially) the
only use of the Sender: header was to check if you are entitled to
cancel/supersede news (which is now solved by Cancel Locks instead,
see another entry), generation of the header has been disabled by
default.  See the variables `message-required-headers',
`message-required-news-headers', and `message-required-mail-headers'.

** Features from third party message-utils.el added to message.el.

Message now asks if you wish to remove "(was: <old subject>)" from
subject lines (see `message-subject-trailing-was-query').  C-c M-m and
C-c M-f inserts markers indicating included text.  C-c C-f a adds a
X-No-Archive: header.  C-c C-f x inserts appropriate headers and a
note in the body for cross-postings and followups (see the variables

** References and X-Draft-Headers are no longer generated when you
start composing messages and `message-generate-headers-first' is nil.

** Improved anti-spam features.

Gnus is now able to take out spam from your mail and news streams
using a wide variety of programs and filter rules.  Among the supported
methods are RBL blocklists, bogofilter and white/blacklists.  Hooks
for easy use of external packages such as SpamAssassin and Hashcash
are also new.

** Easy inclusion of X-Faces headers.

** In the summary buffer, the new command / N inserts new messages and
/ o inserts old messages.

** Gnus decodes morse encoded messages if you press W m.

** Unread count correct in nnimap groups.

The estimated number of unread articles in the group buffer should now
be correct for nnimap groups.  This is achieved by calling
`nnimap-fixup-unread-after-getting-new-news' from the
`gnus-setup-news-hook' (called on startup) and
`gnus-after-getting-new-news-hook' (called after getting new mail).
If you have modified those variables from the default, you may want to
add n-f-u-a-g-n-n again.  If you were happy with the estimate and want
to save some (minimal) time when getting new mail, remove the

** Group Carbon Copy (GCC) quoting

To support groups that contains SPC and other weird characters, groups
are quoted before they are placed in the Gcc: header.  This means
variables such as `gnus-message-archive-group' should no longer
contain quote characters to make groups containing SPC work.  Also, if
you are using the string "nnml:foo, nnml:bar" (indicating Gcc into two
groups) you must change it to return the list ("nnml:foo" "nnml:bar"),
otherwise the Gcc: line will be quoted incorrectly.  Note that
returning the string "nnml:foo, nnml:bar" was incorrect earlier, it
just didn't generate any problems since it was inserted directly.

** ~/News/overview/ not used.

As a result of the following change, the ~/News/overview/ directory is
not used any more.  You can safely delete the entire hierarchy.

** gnus-agent

The Gnus Agent has seen a major update.  It is now enabled by default,
and all nntp and nnimap servers from `gnus-select-method' and
`gnus-secondary-select-method' are agentized by default.  Earlier only
the server in `gnus-select-method' was agentized by the default, and the
agent was disabled by default.  When the agent is enabled, headers are
now also retrieved from the Agent cache instead of the backends when
possible.  Earlier this only happened in the unplugged state.  You can
enroll or remove servers with `J a' and `J r' in the server buffer.
Gnus will not download articles into the Agent cache, unless you
instruct it to do so, though, by using `J u' or `J s' from the Group
buffer.  You revert to the old behaviour of having the Agent disabled
by customizing `gnus-agent'.  Note that putting `(gnus-agentize)' in
~/.gnus is not needed any more.

** gnus-summary-line-format

The default value changed to "%U%R%z%I%(%[%4L: %-23,23f%]%) %s\n".
Moreover `gnus-extra-headers', `nnmail-extra-headers' and
`gnus-ignored-from-addresses' changed their default so that the users
name will be replaced by the recipient's name or the group name
posting to for NNTP groups.

** deuglify.el (gnus-article-outlook-deuglify-article)

A new file from Raymond Scholz <> for deuglifying
broken Outlook (Express) articles.

** (require 'gnus-load)

If you use a stand-alone Gnus distribution, you'd better add
"(require 'gnus-load)" to your ~/.emacs after adding the Gnus
lisp directory into load-path.

File gnus-load.el contains autoload commands, functions and variables,
some of which may not be included in distributions of Emacsen.

** gnus-slave-unplugged

A new command which starts gnus offline in slave mode.

** message-insinuate-rmail

Adding (message-insinuate-rmail) in .emacs and customizing
`mail-user-agent' to `gnus-user-agent' convinces Rmail to compose,
reply and forward messages in Message mode, where you can enjoy the
power of MML.

** message-minibuffer-local-map

The line below enables BBDB in resending a message:

(define-key message-minibuffer-local-map [?\t] 'bbdb-complete-name)

** Externalizing and deleting of attachments.

If `gnus-gcc-externalize-attachments' (or
`message-fcc-externalize-attachments') is non-nil, attach local files
as external parts.

The command `gnus-mime-save-part-and-strip' (bound to `C-o' on MIME
buttons) saves a part and replaces the part with an external one.
`gnus-mime-delete-part' (bound to `d' on MIME buttons) removes a part.
It works only on back ends that support editing.

** gnus-default-charset

The default value now guesses on the basis of your environment instead
of using Latin-1.  Also the ".*" item in gnus-group-charset-alist is

** gnus-posting-styles

Add a new format of match like

        ((header "to" "larsi.*org")
         (Organization "Somewhere, Inc."))

The old format like the lines below is obsolete, but still accepted.

        (header "to" "larsi.*org"
         (Organization "Somewhere, Inc."))

** message-ignored-news-headers and message-ignored-mail-headers

X-Draft-From and X-Gnus-Agent-Meta-Information have been added into
these two variables.  If you customized those, perhaps you need add
those two headers too.

** Gnus reads the NOV and articles in the Agent if plugged.

If one reads an article while plugged, and the article already exists
in the Agent, it won't get downloaded once more.  Customize
`gnus-agent-cache' to revert to the old behavior.

** Gnus supports the "format=flowed" (RFC 2646) parameter.

On composing messages, it is enabled by `use-hard-newlines'.  Decoding
format=flowed was present but not documented in earlier versions.

** Gnus supports the generation of RFC 2298 Disposition Notification requests.

This is invoked with the C-c M-n key binding from message mode.

** Gnus supports Maildir groups.

Gnus includes a new backend nnmaildir.el.

** Printing capabilities are enhanced.

Gnus supports Muttprint natively with O P from the Summary and Article
buffers.  Also, each individual MIME part can be printed using p on
the MIME button.

** Message supports the Importance: (RFC 2156) header.

In the message buffer, `C-c C-f C-i' or `C-c C-u' cycles through the
valid values.

** Gnus supports Cancel Locks in News.

This means a header "Cancel-Lock" is inserted in news posting.  It is
used to determine if you wrote a article or not (for cancelling and
superseding).  Gnus generates a random password string the first time
you post a message, and saves it using the Custom system.  While the
variable is called `canlock-password', it is not security sensitive
data.  Publishing your canlock string on the web will not allow anyone
to be able to anything she could not already do.  The behaviour can be
changed by customizing `message-insert-canlock'.

** Gnus supports server-side mail filtering using Sieve.

Sieve rules can be added as Group Parameters for groups, and the
complete Sieve script is generated using `D g' from the Group buffer,
and then uploaded to the server using `C-c C-l' in the generated Sieve
buffer.  Search the online Gnus manual for "sieve", and see the new
Sieve manual, for more information.

** Extended format specs.

Format spec "%&user-date;" is added into
`gnus-summary-line-format-alist'.  Also, user defined extended format
specs are supported.  The extended format specs look like "%u&foo;",
which invokes function `gnus-user-format-function-foo'.  Because "&" is
used as the escape character, old user defined format "%u&" is no
longer supported.

** `/ *' (gnus-summary-limit-include-cached) is rewritten.

It was aliased to `Y c' (gnus-summary-insert-cached-articles). The new
function filters out other articles.

** Some limiting commands accept a C-u prefix to negate the match.

If C-u is used on subject, author or extra headers, i.e., `/ s', `/
a', and `/ x' (gnus-summary-limit-to-{subject,author,extra})
respectively, the result will be to display all articles that do not
match the expression.

** Group names are treated as UTF-8 by default.

This is supposedly what USEFOR wanted to migrate to.  See
`gnus-group-name-charset-group-alist' and
`gnus-group-name-charset-method-alist' for customization.

** The nnml and nnfolder backends store marks for each group.

This makes it possible to take backup of nnml/nnfolder servers/groups
separately of ~/.newsrc.eld, while preserving marks.  It also makes it
possible to share articles and marks between users (without sharing
the ~/.newsrc.eld file) within e.g. a department.  It works by storing
the marks stored in ~/.newsrc.eld in a per-group file ".marks" (for
nnml) and "groupname.mrk" (for nnfolder, named "groupname").  If the
nnml/nnfolder is moved to another machine, Gnus will automatically use
the .marks or .mrk file instead of the information in ~/.newsrc.eld.
The new server variables `nnml-marks-is-evil' and
`nnfolder-marks-is-evil' can be used to disable this feature.

** The menu bar item (in Group and Summary buffer) named "Misc" has
been renamed to "Gnus".

** The menu bar item (in Message mode) named "MML" has been renamed to
"Attachments".  Note that this menu also contains security related
stuff, like signing and encryption.

** gnus-group-charset-alist and gnus-group-ignored-charsets-alist.

The regexps in these variables are compared with full group names
instead of real group names in 5.8.  Users who customize these
variables should change those regexps accordingly. For example:

   ("^han\\>" euc-kr) -> ("\\(^\\|:\\)han\\>" euc-kr)

** Gnus supports PGP (RFC 1991/2440), PGP/MIME (RFC 2015/3156) and
S/MIME (RFC 2630-2633).

It needs an external S/MIME and OpenPGP implementation, but no
additional lisp libraries.  This add several menu items to the
Attachments menu, and C-c RET key bindings, when composing messages.
This also obsoletes `gnus-article-hide-pgp-hook'.

** Gnus inlines external parts (message/external).

** MML (Mime compose) prefix changed from `M-m' to `C-c C-m'.

This change was made to avoid conflict with the standard binding of
`back-to-indentation', which is also useful in message mode.

** The default for message-forward-show-mml changed to symbol best.

The behaviour for the `best' value is to show MML (i.e., convert MIME
to MML) when appropriate.  MML will not be used when forwarding signed
or encrypted messages, as the conversion invalidate the digital

** Bug fixes.

* Changes in Pterodactyl Gnus (5.8/5.9)

The Gnus NEWS entries are short, but they reflect sweeping changes in
four areas: Article display treatment, MIME treatment,
internationalization and mail-fetching.

** The mail-fetching functions have changed.  See the manual for the
many details.  In particular, all procmail fetching variables are gone.

If you used procmail like in

(setq nnmail-use-procmail t)
(setq nnmail-spool-file 'procmail)
(setq nnmail-procmail-directory "~/mail/incoming/")
(setq nnmail-procmail-suffix "\\.in")

this now has changed to 

(setq mail-sources
      '((directory :path "~/mail/incoming/"
		   :suffix ".in")))

More information is available in the info doc at Select Methods ->
Getting Mail -> Mail Sources

** Gnus is now a MIME-capable reader.  This affects many parts of
Gnus, and adds a slew of new commands.  See the manual for details.

** Gnus has also been multilingualized.  This also affects too
many parts of Gnus to summarize here, and adds many new variables.

** gnus-auto-select-first can now be a function to be
called to position point.

** The user can now decide which extra headers should be included in
summary buffers and NOV files.

** `gnus-article-display-hook' has been removed.  Instead, a number
of variables starting with `gnus-treat-' have been added.

** The Gnus posting styles have been redone again and now works in a
subtly different manner.

** New web-based backends have been added: nnslashdot, nnwarchive
and nnultimate.  nnweb has been revamped, again, to keep up with
ever-changing layouts.

** Gnus can now read IMAP mail via nnimap.

* For older news, see Gnus info node "New Features".

Copyright information:

Copyright (C) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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   thus giving the recipient permission to redistribute in turn.

   Permission is granted to distribute modified versions
   of this document, or of portions of it,
   under the above conditions, provided also that they
   carry prominent notices stating who last changed them.
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