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GNU Emacs NEWS -- history of user-visible changes.

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Copyright (C) 2017-2019 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
See the end of the file for license conditions.
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6 7
Please send Emacs bug reports to ''.
If possible, use 'M-x report-emacs-bug'.

This file is about changes in Emacs version 27.

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See file HISTORY for a list of GNU Emacs versions and release dates.
12 13
See files NEWS.26, NEWS.25, ..., NEWS.18, and NEWS.1-17 for changes
in older Emacs versions.

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You can narrow news to a specific version by calling 'view-emacs-news'
with a prefix argument or by typing 'C-u C-h C-n'.

18 19 20 21 22
Temporary note:
+++ indicates that all necessary documentation updates are complete.
    (This means all relevant manuals in doc/ AND lisp doc-strings.)
--- means no change in the manuals is needed.
When you add a new item, use the appropriate mark if you are sure it applies,
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* Installation Changes in Emacs 27.1
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27 28 29
** Emacs now uses GMP, the GNU Multiple Precision library.
By default, if 'configure' does not find a suitable libgmp, it
arranges for the included mini-gmp library to be built and used.
The new 'configure' option '--without-libgmp' uses mini-gmp even if a
suitable libgmp is available.
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** The new configure option '--with-json' adds support for JSON using
the Jansson library.  It is on by default; use './configure
35 36 37 38 39
--with-json=no' to build without Jansson support.  The new JSON
functions 'json-serialize', 'json-insert', 'json-parse-string', and
'json-parse-buffer' are typically much faster than their Lisp
counterparts from json.el.

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40 41 42 43 44 45 46
** The etags program now uses the C library's regular expression matcher
when possible, and a compatible regex substitute otherwise.  This will
let developers maintain Emacs's own regex code without having to also
support other programs.  The new configure option '--without-included-regex'
forces etags to use the C library's regex matcher even if the regex
substitute ordinarily would be used to work around compatibility problems.

** Emacs has been ported to the '-fcheck-pointer-bounds' option of GCC.
48 49 50 51 52 53
This causes Emacs to check bounds of some arrays addressed by its
internal pointers, which can be helpful when debugging the Emacs
interpreter or modules that it uses.  If your platform supports it you
can enable it when configuring, e.g., './configure CFLAGS="-g3 -O2
-mmpx -fcheck-pointer-bounds"' on Intel MPX platforms.

54 55 56
** Emacs now normally uses a C pointer type instead of a C integer
type to implement Lisp_Object, which is the fundamental machine word
type internal to the Emacs Lisp interpreter.  This change aims to
57 58
catch typos and supports '-fcheck-pointer-bounds'.  The 'configure'
option '--enable-check-lisp-object-type' is therefore no longer as
59 60 61
useful and so is no longer enabled by default in developer builds,
to reduce differences between developer and production builds.

62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69
** Emacs now uses a "portable dumper" instead of unexec.
This improves compatibility with memory allocation on modern systems,
and in particular better supports the Address Space Layout
Randomization (ASLR) feature, a security technique used by most modern
operating systems.

Portable dumping can be disabled at configure time via the configure
70 71 72
option '--with-dumping=unexec' (but we don't recommend that, unless
the portable dumping doesn't work on your system for some
reason---please report such systems to the Emacs developers as bugs).
73 74 75 76 77 78 79

When built with the portable dumping support (which is the default),
Emacs looks for the 'emacs.pdmp' file, generated during the build, in
its data directory at startup, and loads the dumped state from there.
The new command-line argument '--dump-file=FILE' allows to specify a
non-default '.pdmp' file to load the state from; see the node "Initial
Options" in the Emacs manual for more information.
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* Startup Changes in Emacs 27.1

84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92
** Emacs can now be configured using an early init file.
The file is called 'early-init.el', in 'user-emacs-directory'.  It is
loaded very early in the startup process: before graphical elements
such as the tool bar are initialized, and before the package manager
is initialized.  The primary purpose is to allow customizing how the
package system is initialized given that initialization now happens
before loading the regular init file (see below).

93 94 95 96
We recommend against putting any customizations in this file that
don't need to be set up before initializing installed add-on packages,
because the early init file is read too early into the startup
process, and some important parts of the Emacs session, such as
'window-system' and other GUI features, are not yet set up, which could
98 99
make some customization fail to work.

** Installed packages are now activated *before* loading the init file.
102 103 104 105
This is part of a change intended to eliminate the behavior of
package.el inserting a call to 'package-initialize' into the init
file, which was previously done when Emacs was started.  As a result
of this change, it is no longer necessary to call 'package-initialize'
106 107 108 109 110 111 112
in your init file.

However, if your init file changes the values of 'package-load-list' or
'package-user-dir', or sets 'package-enable-at-startup' to nil then it won't
work right without some adjustment:
- you can move that code to the early init file (see above), so those settings
  apply before Emacs tries to activate the packages.
- you can use the new 'package-quickstart' so activation of packages does not
  need to pay attention to 'package-load-list' or 'package-user-dir' any more.

116 117 118 119 120
** Emacs now notifies systemd when startup finishes or shutdown begins.
Units that are ordered after 'emacs.service' will only be started
after Emacs has finished initialization and is ready for use.
(If your Emacs is installed in a non-standard location and you copied the
emacs.service file to eg "~/.config/systemd/user/", you will need to copy
122 123
the new version of the file again.)

* Changes in Emacs 27.1

127 128
** emacsclient

*** emacsclient now supports the 'EMACS_SOCKET_NAME' environment variable.
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131 132
The behavior is identical to 'EMACS_SERVER_FILE', in that the
command-line value specified via '--socket-name' will override the
environment, and the natural default to TMPDIR, then "/tmp", continues
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to apply.

136 137 138 139 140
*** Emacs and emacsclient now default to $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/emacs
as the directory for client/server sockets, if Emacs is running
under an X Window System desktop that sets the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
environment variable to indicate where session sockets should go.
141 142
To get the old, less-secure behavior, you can set the
EMACS_SOCKET_NAME environment variable to an appropriate value.

144 145 146 147
*** When run by root, emacsclient no longer connects to non-root sockets.
(Instead you can use Tramp methods to run root commands in a non-root Emacs.)

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148 149 150
** The function 'read-passwd' uses '*' as default character to hide passwords.

151 152 153 154 155 156
** The new option 'tooltip-resize-echo-area' avoids truncating tooltip text
on GUI frames when tooltips are displayed in the echo area.  Instead,
it resizes the echo area as needed to accommodate the full tool-tip

** Show mode line tooltips only if the corresponding action applies.
159 160 161 162
Customize the option 'mode-line-default-help-echo' to restore the old
behavior where the tooltip text is also shown when the corresponding
action does not apply.

163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171
** New hook 'server-after-make-frame-hook'.
This hook is a convenient place to perform initializations in daemon
mode which require GUI features to be available.  One example is
restoration of the previous session using the desktop.el package: put
the call to 'desktop-read' in this hook, if you want the GUI settings
to be restored, or if desktop.el needs to interact with you during
restoration of the session.

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172 173 174
** New function 'logcount' calculates an integer's Hamming weight.

175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182
** New function 'libxml-available-p'.
This function returns non-nil if libxml support is both compiled in
and available at run time.  Lisp programs should use this function to
detect built-in libxml support, instead of testing for that
indirectly, e.g., by checking that functions like
'libxml-parse-html-region' return nil.

** 'libxml-parse-xml-region' and 'libxml-parse-html' region take
185 186
a parameter that's called DISCARD-COMMENTS, but it really only
discards the top-level comment.  Therefore this parameter is now
obsolete, and the new utility function 'xml-remove-comments' can be
188 189 190
used to remove comments before calling the libxml functions to parse
the data.

191 192
** The Network Security Manager now allows more fine-grained control
of what checks to run via the 'network-security-protocol-checks'
194 195

197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205
** TLS connections have their security tightened by default.
Most of the checks for outdated, believed-to-be-weak TLS algorithms
and ciphers are now switched on by default.  By default, the NSM will
flag connections using these weak algorithms and ask users whether to
allow them.  To get the old behavior back (where certificates are
checked for validity, but no warnings about weak cryptography are
issued), you can either set 'network-security-protocol-checks' to nil,
or adjust the elements in that variable to only happen on the 'high'
security level (assuming you use the 'medium' level).

207 208 209 210 211 212 213
** Native GnuTLS connections can now use client certificates.
Previously, this support was only available when using the external
gnutls-cli command.  Call 'open-network-stream' with
':client-certificate t' to trigger looking up of per-server
certificates via 'auth-source'.

214 215 216 217 218
** New function 'fill-polish-nobreak-p', to be used in 'fill-nobreak-predicate'.
It blocks line breaking after a one-letter word, also in the case when
this word is preceded by a non-space, but non-alphanumeric character.

219 220 221 222 223 224 225
** The limit on repetitions in regexps has been raised to 2^16-1.
It was previously limited to 2^15-1.  For example, the following
regular expression was previously invalid, but is now accepted:


226 227 228
** The German prefix and postfix input methods now support Capital sharp S.

** New input methods 'hawaiian-postfix' and 'hawaiian-prefix'.

232 233 234 235 236
** In Japanese environments that do not specify encodings and are not
based on MS-Windows, the default encoding is now utf-8 instead of

238 239 240 241
** New function 'exec-path'.
This function by default returns the value of the corresponding
variable, but can optionally return the equivalent of 'exec-path'
from a remote host.
242 243

244 245
** The function 'executable-find' supports an optional argument REMOTE.
This triggers to search the program on the remote host as indicated by
246 247

248 249 250 251 252
** New variable 'auto-save-no-message'.
When set to t, no message will be shown when auto-saving (default
value: nil).

253 254 255 256 257 258
** The value of 'make-cursor-line-fully-visible' can now be a function.
In addition to nil or non-nil, the value can now be a predicate
function.  Follow mode uses this to control scrolling of its windows
when the last screen line in a window is not fully visible.

259 260 261 262
** New variable 'emacs-repository-branch'.
It reports the git branch from which Emacs was built.

263 264
** New user option 'switch-to-buffer-obey-display-actions'.
265 266 267
When non-nil, 'switch-to-buffer' uses 'pop-to-buffer-same-window' that
respects display actions specified by 'display-buffer-alist' and

269 270 271 272 273 274
** New 'flex' completion style
An implementation of popular "flx/fuzzy/scatter" completion which
matches strings where the pattern appears as a subsequence.  Put
simply, makes "foo" complete to both "barfoo" and "frodo".  Add 'flex'
to 'completion-styles' or 'completion-category-overrides' to use it.

* Editing Changes in Emacs 27.1

278 279 280
** New command 'make-empty-file'.

281 282 283 284 285
** New variable 'x-wait-for-event-timeout'.
This controls how long Emacs will wait for updates to the graphical
state to take effect (making a frame visible, for example).

287 288 289 290
** New user option 'electric-quote-replace-double'.
This option controls whether '"' is replaced in 'electric-quote-mode',
in addition to other quote characters.  If non-nil, ASCII double-quote
characters that quote text "like this" are replaced by double
291 292
typographic quotes, “like this”, in text modes, and in comments in
non-text modes.

294 295 296 297 298 299 300
** New user option 'flyspell-case-fold-duplications'.
This option controls whether Flyspell mode considers consecutive words
to be duplicates if they are not in the same case.  If non-nil, the
default, words are considered to be duplicates even if their letters'
case does not match.

301 302 303 304 305
** 'write-abbrev-file' now includes special properties.
'write-abbrev-file' now writes special properties like ':case-fixed'
for abbrevs that have them.

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Allen Li committed
307 308 309
** 'write-abbrev-file' skips empty tables.
'write-abbrev-file' now skips inserting a 'define-abbrev-table' form for
tables which do not have any non-system abbrevs to save.
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Allen Li committed

312 313
** The new functions and commands 'text-property-search-forward' and
'text-property-search-backward' have been added.  These provide an
interface that's more like functions like 'search-forward'.

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Juri Linkov committed
316 317
** More commands support noncontiguous rectangular regions, namely
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Michael Albinus committed
'upcase-dwim', 'downcase-dwim', 'replace-string', 'replace-regexp'.
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Juri Linkov committed

320 321 322 323 324 325 326
** When asked to visit a large file, Emacs now offers visiting it literally.
Previously, Emacs would only ask for confirmation before visiting
large files.  Now it also offers a third alternative: to visit the
file literally, as in 'find-file-literally', which speeds up
navigation and editing of large files.

328 329 330 331
** 'add-dir-local-variable' now uses dotted pair notation syntax to
write alists of variables to ".dir-locals.el".  This is the same
syntax that you can see in the example of a ".dir-locals.el" file in
the node "(emacs) Directory Variables" of the user manual.

333 334 335 336 337
** Network connections using 'local can now use IPv6.
'make-network-process' now uses the correct loopback address when
asked to use :host 'local and :family 'ipv6.

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Michael Albinus committed
* Changes in Specialized Modes and Packages in Emacs 27.1

341 342
** doc-view-mode
*** New commands doc-view-presentation and doc-view-fit-window-to-page
*** Added support for password-protected PDF files

** map.el
346 347
*** Now also understands plists.
*** Now defined via generic functions that can be extended via 'cl-defmethod'.
*** Deprecate the 'map-put' macro in favor of a new 'map-put!' function.
*** 'map-contains-key' now returns a boolean rather than the key.
*** Deprecate the 'testfn' args of 'map-elt' and 'map-contains-key'.
*** New generic function 'map-insert'.

353 354 355 356 357
** seq.el
New convenience functions 'seq-first' and 'seq-rest' give easy access
to respectively the first and all but the first elements of sequences.

358 359 360 361
** Follow mode
In the current follow group of windows, "ghost" cursors are no longer
displayed in the non-selected follow windows.  To get the old behavior
back, customize 'follow-hide-ghost-cursors' to nil.

364 365
** Windmove

366 367 368
*** 'windmove-create-window' when non-nil makes a new window on moving off
the edge of the frame.

*** Windmove supports directional window display and selection.
370 371
The new command 'windmove-display-default-keybindings' binds default
keys with provided modifiers (by default, Shift-Meta) to the commands
that display the next buffer in the window at the specified direction.
This is like 'windmove-default-keybindings' that binds keys to commands
374 375 376 377 378 379 380
that select the window in the specified direction, but additionally it
displays the buffer from the next command in that window.  For example,
'S-M-right C-h i' displays the *Info* buffer in the right window,
creating the window if necessary.  A special key can be customized to
display the buffer in the same window, for example, 'S-M-0 C-h e'
displays the *Messages* buffer in the same window.

381 382
*** Windmove also supports directional window deletion.
The new command 'windmove-delete-default-keybindings' binds default
383 384
keys with provided prefix (by default, 'C-x') and modifiers (by default,
'Shift') to the commands that delete the window in the specified
direction.  For example, 'C-x S-down' deletes the window below.
With a prefix arg 'C-u', also kills the buffer in that window.
With 'M-0', deletes the selected window and selects the window
that was in the specified direction.

390 391 392 393
** Octave mode
The mode is automatically enabled in files that start with the
'function' keyword.

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Stefan Monnier committed
** project.el
*** New commands 'project-search' and 'project-query-replace-regexp'.
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Stefan Monnier committed
396 397

** Etags

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Stefan Monnier committed
400 401 402
*** 'next-file' is now an obsolete alias of 'tags-next-file'.

*** 'tags-loop-revert-buffers' is an obsolete alias of
404 405 406

*** The 'tags-loop-continue' function along with the
'tags-loop-operate' and 'tags-loop-scan' variables are now obsolete;
use the new 'fileloop-initialize' and 'fileloop-continue' functions
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Stefan Monnier committed

** bibtex
411 412

*** New commands 'bibtex-next-entry' and 'bibtex-previous-entry'.
In 'bibtex-mode-map', 'forward-paragraph' and 'backward-paragraph' are
415 416
remapped to these, respectively.

417 418
** Dired

420 421
*** New command 'dired-create-empty-file'.

422 423
** Change Logs and VC

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Eli Zaretskii committed
424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431
*** Recording ChangeLog entries doesn't require an actual file.
If a ChangeLog file doesn't exist, and if the new variable
'add-log-dont-create-changelog-file' is non-nil (which is the
default), commands such as 'C-x 4 a' will add log entries to a
suitable named temporary buffer.  (An existing ChangeLog file will
still be used if it exists.)  Set the variable to nil to get the
previous behavior of always creating a buffer that visits a ChangeLog

433 434 435
*** New customizable variable 'vc-find-revision-no-save'.
With non-nil, 'vc-find-revision' doesn't write the created buffer to file.

436 437
*** New customizable variable 'vc-git-grep-template'.
This new variable allows customizing the default arguments passed to
'git-grep' when 'vc-git-grep' is used.

440 441 442 443
*** Command 'vc-git-stash' now respects marks in the '*vc-dir*' buffer.
When some files are marked, only those are stashed.
When no files are marked, all modified files are stashed, as before.

444 445
*** The new hook 'vc-retrieve-tag-hook' runs after retrieving a tag.

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Eli Zaretskii committed
446 447 448
*** 'vc-hg' now invokes 'smerge-mode' when visiting files.
Code that attempted to invoke 'smerge-mode' when visiting an Hg file
449 450 451 452
with conflicts existed in earlier versions of Emacs, but incorrectly
never detected a conflict due to invalid assumptions about cached

453 454 455 456
*** 'C-u C-x v D' ('vc-root-version-diff') prompts for two revisions
and compares their entire trees.

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Ian Dunn committed
457 458 459
*** New user option 'vc-hg-revert-switches' specifies switches to pass
to hg revert.

** Diff mode
*** Hunks are now automatically refined by default.
462 463
To disable it, set the new defcustom 'diff-font-lock-refine' to nil.

464 465 466 467 468 469
*** Better syntax highlighting of Diff hunks.
Fragments of source in Diff hunks are now by default highlighted
according to the appropriate major mode.  Customize the new option
'diff-font-lock-syntax' to nil to disable this.

*** File headers can be shortened, mimicking Magit's diff format.
To enable it, set the new defcustom 'diff-font-lock-prettify' to t.

474 475 476 477
*** Prefix arg of 'diff-goto-source' means jump to the old revision
of the file under version control if point is on an old changed line,
or to the new revision of the file otherwise.

478 479 480 481 482 483 484 485 486
** Texinfo

*** New function for inserting @pxref, @xref, or @ref commands.
The function 'texinfo-insert-dwim-@ref', bound to 'C-c C-c r' by
default, inserts one of three types of references based on the text
surrounding point, namely @pxref near a parenthesis, @xref at the
start of a sentence or at (point-min), else @ref.

** Browse-url

489 490 491 492
*** The function 'browse-url-emacs' can now visit a URL in selected window.
It now treats the optional 2nd argument to mean that the URL should be
shown in the currently selected window.

** Comint

*** 'send-invisible' is now an obsolete alias for 'comint-send-invisible'.
497 498
Also, 'shell-strip-ctrl-m' is declared obsolete.

*** 'C-c .' ('comint-insert-previous-argument') no longer interprets '&'.
501 502 503 504 505 506 507 508 509 510 511 512 513 514
This feature caused problems when '&&' was present in the previous
command.  Since this command emulates 'M-.' in Bash and zsh, neither
of which treats '&' specially, the feature was removed for
compatibility with these shells.

*** 'comint-insert-previous-argument' can now count arguments from the end.
By default, invoking 'C-c .' with a numeric argument N would copy the
Nth argument, counting from the first one.  But if the new option
'comint-insert-previous-argument-from-end' is non-nil, it will copy
the Nth argument counting from the last one.  Thus 'C-c .' can now
better emulate 'M-.' in both Bash and zsh, since the former counts
from the beginning of the arguments, while the latter counts from the

516 517
** SQL

518 519 520 521 522 523 524 525 526 527 528 529 530 531
*** SQL Indent Minor Mode

SQL Mode now supports the ELPA 'sql-indent' package for assisting
sophisticated SQL indenting rules.  Note, however, that SQL is not
like other programming languages like C, Java, or Python where code is
sparse and rules for formatting are fairly well established. Instead
SQL is more like COBOL (from which it came) and code tends to be very
dense and line ending decisions driven by syntax and line length
considerations to make readable code.  Experienced SQL developers may
prefer to rely upon existing Emacs facilities for formatting code but
the 'sql-indent' package provides facilities to aid more casual SQL
developers layout queries and complex expressions.

**** 'sql-use-indent-support' (default t) enables SQL indention support.
The 'sql-indent' package from ELPA must be installed to get the
533 534
indentation support in 'sql-mode' and 'sql-interactive-mode'.

**** 'sql-mode-hook' and 'sql-interactive-mode-hook' changed.
Both hook variables have had 'sql-indent-enable' added to their
default values. If you have existing customizations to these variables,
538 539
you should make sure that the new default entry is included.

540 541 542 543 544 545 546 547 548 549 550 551 552 553 554 555 556
*** Connection Wallet

Database passwords can now by stored in NETRC or JSON data files that
may optionally be encrypted. When establishing an interactive session
with the database via 'sql-connect' or a product specific function,
like 'sql-mysql' or 'my-postgres', the password wallet will be
searched for the password. The 'sql-product', 'sql-server',
'sql-database', and the 'sql-username' will be used to identify the
appropriate authorization. This eliminates the discouraged practice of
embedding database passwords in your Emacs initialization.

See the `auth-source' module for complete documentation on the file
formats.  By default, the wallet file is expected to be in the
`user-emacs-directory', named 'sql-wallet' or '.sql-wallet', with
'.json' (JSON) or no (NETRC) suffix.  Both file formats can optionally
be encrypted with GPG by adding an additional '.gpg' suffix.

557 558 559 560 561
** Term

*** 'term-read-noecho' is now obsolete, use 'read-passwd' instead.

562 563 564
** Flymake

*** The variable 'flymake-diagnostic-types-alist' is obsolete.
566 567 568
You should instead set properties on known diagnostic symbols, like
':error' and ':warning', as demonstrated in the Flymake manual.

*** New customizable variable 'flymake-start-on-save-buffer'.
570 571
Control whether Flymake starts checking the buffer on save.

*** Flymake and backend functions may exchange hints about buffer changes.
573 574 575
This enables more efficient backends.  See the docstring of
'flymake-diagnostic-functions' or the Flymake manual for details.

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Dmitry Gutov committed
576 577 578 579 580
** Ruby

*** The Rubocop Flymake diagnostic function will only run Lint cops if
it can't find the config file.

581 582
*** Rubocop is called with 'bundle exec' if Gemfile mentions it.

** Package

*** New function 'package-get-version' lets packages query their own version.
Example use in auctex.el: '(defconst auctex-version (package-get-version))'

*** New 'package-quickstart' feature.
589 590 591
When 'package-quickstart' is non-nil, package.el precomputes a big autoloads
file so that activation of packages can be done much faster, which can speed up
your startup significantly.
It also causes variables like 'package-user-dir' and 'package-load-list' to be
593 594 595 596 597
consulted when 'package-quickstart-refresh' is run rather than at startup so
you don't need to set them in your early init file.

*** New function 'package-activate-all'.

598 599 600 601 602 603 604 605 606
** Info

*** Info can now follow 'file://' protocol URLs.
The 'file://' URLs in Info documents can now be followed by passing
them to the 'browse-url' function, like the other protocols: ftp,
http, and https.  This allows to have references to local HTML files,
for example.

607 608 609 610 611 612 613
** Xref

*** New command 'xref-find-definitions-at-mouse'.
This command finds definitions of the identifier at the place of a
mouse click event, and is intended to be bound to a mouse event.

614 615 616 617 618
*** Changing 'xref-marker-ring-length' works after 'xref.el' is loaded.
Previously, setting 'xref-marker-ring-length' would only take effect
if set before 'xref.el' was loaded.

** Ecomplete

*** The ecomplete sorting has changed to a decay-based algorithm.
This can be controlled by the new 'ecomplete-sort-predicate' variable.

*** The 'ecompleterc' file is now placed in ~/.emacs.d/ecompleterc by default.
625 626
Of course it will still find it if you have it in ~/.ecompleterc

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Paul Eggert committed
** Gnus

629 630 631 632 633 634
*** Gnus now maps imaps to 993 only on old MS-Windows versions.
The nnimap backend used to do this unconditionally to work around
problems on old versions of MS-Windows.  This is now done only for
Windows XP and older.

635 636 637 638 639
*** The nnimap backend now has support for IMAP namespaces.
This feature can be enabled by setting the new 'nnimap-use-namespaces'
server variable to non-nil.

*** A prefix argument to 'gnus-summary-limit-to-score' will limit reverse.
642 643
Limit to articles with score at below.

Paul Eggert's avatar
Paul Eggert committed
644 645 646
*** The function 'gnus-score-find-favorite-words' has been renamed
from 'gnus-score-find-favourite-words'.

647 648 649 650
*** Gmane has been removed as an nnir backend, since Gmane no longer
has a search engine.

652 653
*** Splitting mail on common mailing list headers has been added.
See the concept index in the Gnus manual for the 'match-list' entry.

*** nil is no longer an allowed value for 'mm-text-html-renderer'.

659 660
*** A new Gnus summary mode command, 'S A'
('gnus-summary-attach-article') can be used to attach the current
661 662 663
article(s) to a pre-existing Message buffer, or create a new Message
buffer with the article(s) attached.

664 665 666 667 668
*** New option 'nnir-notmuch-filter-group-names-function'.
This option controls whether and how to use Gnus search groups as
'path:' search terms to 'notmuch'.

669 670 671
** erc

*** 'erc-button-google-url' has been renamed 'erc-button-search-url'
673 674
and its value has been changed to Duck Duck Go.

675 676 677 678

*** XEmacs support has been removed.

679 680
** eww/shr

681 682 683 684 685
*** The 'eww' command can now create a new EWW buffer.
Invoking the command with a prefix argument will cause it to create a
new EWW buffer for the URL instead of reusing the default one.

Eli Zaretskii's avatar
Eli Zaretskii committed
686 687 688 689 690
*** The 'd' ('eww-download') command now falls back to current page's URL.
If this command is invoked with no URL at point, it now downloads the
current page instead of signaling an error.

*** When opening external links in eww/shr (typically with the
692 693
'C-u RET' keystroke on a link), the link will be flashed with the new
'shr-selected-link' face to give the user feedback that the command
694 695
has been executed.

696 697 698 699 700
*** New option 'shr-discard-aria-hidden'.
If set, shr will not render tags with attribute 'aria-hidden="true"'.
This attribute is meant to tell screen readers to ignore a tag.

701 702
*** 'shr-tag-ol' now respects the ordered list 'start' attribute.

Paul Eggert's avatar
Paul Eggert committed
** Htmlfontify

Paul Eggert's avatar
Paul Eggert committed
705 706 707 708 709
*** The functions 'hfy-color', 'hfy-color-vals' and
'hfy-fallback-color-values' and the variables 'hfy-fallback-color-map'
and 'hfy-rgb-txt-color-map' have been renamed from names that used
'colour' instead of 'color'.

710 711 712
** Enriched mode supports the 'charset' text property.
You can add or modify the 'charset' text properties of text using the
'Edit->Text Properties->Special Properties' menu, or by invoking the
714 715 716 717
'facemenu-set-charset' command.  Documents in Enriched mode will be
saved with the charset properties, and those properties will be
restored when the file is visited.

** Smtpmail

Authentication mechanisms can be added via external packages, by
defining new 'cl-defmethod' of 'smtpmail-try-auth-method'.

** Footnote mode

725 726 727 728
*** Support Hebrew-style footnotes
*** Footnote text lines are now aligned.
Can be controlled via the new variable 'footnote-align-to-fn-text'.

729 730 731 732 733 734 735
** CSS mode

*** A new command 'css-cycle-color-format' for cycling between color
formats (e.g. "black" => "#000000" => "rgb(0, 0, 0)") has been added,
bound to 'C-c C-f'.

736 737 738
*** CSS mode, SCSS mode, and Less CSS mode now have support for Imenu.

739 740 741 742 743 744 745
** SGML mode

*** 'sgml-quote' now handles double quotes and apostrophes
when escaping text and in addition all numeric entities when
unescaping text.

746 747 748 749 750 751 752
** Python mode

*** Python mode supports three different font lock decoration levels.
The maximum level is used by default; customize
'font-lock-maximum-decoration' to tone down the decoration.

753 754 755 756 757 758 759
** Dired

*** The new user option 'dired-create-destination-dirs' controls whether
'dired-do-copy' and 'dired-rename-file' should create non-existent
directories in the destination.

760 761
** Help

*** Output format of 'C-h l' ('view-lossage') has changed.
764 765 766 767 768
For convenience, 'view-lossage' now displays the last keystrokes
and commands in the same format as the edit buffer of
'edit-last-kbd-macro'.  This makes it possible to copy the lines from
the buffer generated by 'view-lossage' to the "*Edit Macro*" buffer
created by 'edit-last-kbd-macro', and to save the macro by 'C-c C-c'.

770 771 772 773
*** The list of help commands produced by 'C-h C-h' ('help-for-help')
can now be searched via 'C-s'.

774 775 776
** Ibuffer

*** New filter 'ibuffer-filter-by-process'; bound to '/E'.

779 780 781 782 783
*** All mode filters can now accept a list of symbols.
This means you can now easily filter several major modes, as well
as a single mode.

784 785
** Search and Replace

786 787 788 789
*** Isearch supports a prefix argument for 'C-s' ('isearch-repeat-forward')
and 'C-r' ('isearch-repeat-backward').  With a prefix argument, these
commands repeat the search for the specified occurrence of the search string.
A negative argument repeats the search in the opposite direction.
790 791
This makes possible also to use a prefix argument for 'M-s .'
('isearch-forward-symbol-at-point') to find the next Nth symbol.

793 794 795 796 797 798 799 800
*** To go to the first/last occurrence of the current search string
is possible now with new commands 'isearch-beginning-of-buffer' and
'isearch-end-of-buffer' bound to 'M-s M-<' and 'M-s M->' in Isearch.
With a numeric argument, they go to the Nth absolute occurrence
counting from the beginning/end of the buffer.  This complements
'C-s'/'C-r' that searches for the next Nth relative occurrence
with a numeric argument.

*** 'isearch-lazy-count' shows the current match number and total number
Juri Linkov's avatar
Juri Linkov committed
of matches in the Isearch prompt.  Customizable variables
'lazy-count-prefix-format' and 'lazy-count-suffix-format' define the
Juri Linkov's avatar
Juri Linkov committed
804 805 806
format of the current and the total number of matches in the prompt's
prefix and suffix respectively.

807 808
*** 'lazy-highlight-buffer' highlights matches in the full buffer.
It is useful in combination with 'lazy-highlight-cleanup' customized to nil
to leave matches highlighted in the whole buffer after exiting isearch.
Also when 'lazy-highlight-buffer' prepares highlighting in the buffer,
navigation through the matches without flickering is more smooth.
'lazy-highlight-buffer-max-at-a-time' controls the number of matches to
813 814
highlight in one iteration while processing the full buffer.

Juri Linkov's avatar
Juri Linkov committed
815 816
*** New isearch bindings.

818 819
'C-M-w' in isearch changed from 'isearch-del-char' to the new function
'isearch-yank-symbol-or-char'.  'isearch-del-char' is now bound to
Juri Linkov's avatar
Juri Linkov committed

*** New variable 'isearch-yank-on-move' provides options 't' and 'shift'
to extend the search string by yanking text that ends at the new
825 826
position after moving point in the current buffer.  'shift' extends
the search string by motion commands while holding down the shift key.

828 829 830
*** 'isearch-allow-scroll' provides new option 'unlimited' to allow
scrolling any distance off screen.

Juri Linkov's avatar
Juri Linkov committed
831 832 833 834
*** Isearch now remembers the regexp-based search mode for words/symbols
and case-sensitivity together with search strings in the search ring.

835 836 837
*** Isearch now has its own tool-bar and menu-bar menu.

838 839 840 841 842
** Debugger

*** The Lisp Debugger is now based on 'backtrace-mode'.
Backtrace mode adds fontification and commands for changing the
843 844
appearance of backtrace frames.  See the node "(elisp) Backtraces" in
the Elisp manual for documentation of the new mode and its commands.

846 847 848 849
** Edebug

*** The runtime behavior of Edebug's instrumentation can be changed
850 851
using the new variables 'edebug-behavior-alist',
'edebug-after-instrumentation-function' and
'edebug-new-definition-function'.  Edebug's behavior can be changed
853 854
globally or for individual definitions.

856 857
*** Edebug's backtrace buffer now uses 'backtrace-mode'.
Backtrace mode adds fontification, links and commands for changing the
858 859
appearance of backtrace frames.  See the node "(elisp) Backtraces" in
the Elisp manual for documentation of the new mode and its commands.

861 862 863 864 865 866 867 868 869
The binding of 'd' in Edebug's keymap is now 'edebug-pop-to-backtrace'
which replaces 'edebug-backtrace'.  Consequently Edebug's backtrace
windows now behave like those of the Lisp Debugger and of ERT, in that
when they appear they will be the selected window.

The new 'backtrace-goto-source' command, bound to 's', works in
Edebug's backtraces on backtrace frames whose source code has
been instrumented by Edebug.

870 871
** Enhanced xterm support

Mark Oteiza's avatar
Mark Oteiza committed
872 873 874
*** New variable 'xterm-set-window-title' controls whether Emacs sets
the XTerm window title.  This feature is experimental and is disabled
by default.

876 877
** grep

879 880
*** rgrep, lgrep and zrgrep now hide part of the command line
that contains a list of ignored directories and files.
881 882 883 884
Clicking on the button with ellipsis unhides it.
The abbreviation can be disabled by the new option
'grep-find-abbreviate'.  The new command
'grep-find-toggle-abbreviation' toggles it interactively.

Paul Pogonyshev's avatar
Paul Pogonyshev committed
886 887 888 889 890 891
** ERT

*** New variable 'ert-quiet' allows to make ERT output in batch mode
less verbose by removing non-essential information.

892 893 894
*** ERT's backtrace buffer now uses 'backtrace-mode'.
Backtrace mode adds fontification and commands for changing the
895 896
appearance of backtrace frames.  See the node "(elisp) Backtraces" in
the Elisp manual for documentation of the new mode and its commands.
897 898 899

** Gamegrid

900 901
*** Gamegrid now determines its default glyph size based on display
dimensions, instead of always using 16 pixels.  As a result, Tetris,
903 904
Snake and Pong are more playable on HiDPI displays.

905 906 907 908 909 910
** Filecache

*** Completing filenames in the minibuffer via 'C-TAB' now uses the
styles as configured by the variable 'completion-styles'.

911 912 913 914
** New macros 'thunk-let' and 'thunk-let*'.
These macros are analogue to 'let' and 'let*', but create bindings that
are evaluated lazily.

915 916
** next-error

*** New customizable variable 'next-error-find-buffer-function'.
919 920 921 922 923 924 925 926 927
The value should be a function that determines how to find the
next buffer to be used by 'next-error' and 'previous-error'.  The
default is to use the last buffer that navigated to the current

*** New command 'next-error-select-buffer'.
It can be used to set any buffer as the next one to be used by
'next-error' and 'previous-error'.
928 929 930

** nxml-mode

Eli Zaretskii's avatar
Eli Zaretskii committed
931 932
*** The default value of 'nxml-sexp-element-flag' is now t.
This means that pressing 'C-M-SPACE' now selects the entire tree by
934 935
default, and not just the opening element.

936 937 938 939 940 941 942 943 944
** Eshell

*** Expansion of history event designators is disabled by default.
To restore the old behavior, use

    (add-hook 'eshell-expand-input-functions

Glenn Morris's avatar
Glenn Morris committed
945 946
*** The function 'eshell-uniquify-list' has been renamed from
Paul Eggert's avatar
Paul Eggert committed
947 948

*** The function 'eshell/kill' is now able to handle signal switches.
950 951 952 953 954 955 956 957 958
Previously 'eshell/kill' would fail if provided a kill signal to send
to the process.  It now accepts signals specified either by name or by
its number.

*** Emacs now follows symlinks in history-related files.
The files specified by 'eshell-history-file-name' and
'eshell-last-dir-ring-file-name' can include symlinks; these are now
followed when Emacs writes the relevant history variables to the disk.

960 961 962 963 964
** Shell

*** Program name completion inside remote shells works now as expected.

Paul Eggert's avatar
Paul Eggert committed
965 966 967 968
** Pcomplete
*** The function 'pcomplete-uniquify-list' has been renamed from

Michael Albinus's avatar
Michael Albinus committed
969 970 971
** Auth-source

*** The Secret Service backend supports the ':create' key now.
Michael Albinus's avatar
Michael Albinus committed

974 975 976
** Tramp

*** New connection method "nextcloud", which allows to access OwnCloud
978 979
or NextCloud hosted files and directories.

Michael Albinus's avatar
Michael Albinus committed
980 981 982 983
*** New connection method "rclone", which allows to access system
storages via the 'rclone' program.  This feature is experimental.

Michael Albinus's avatar
Michael Albinus committed
984 985 986 987 988 989
*** New connection method "sudoedit", which allows to edit local files
with different user credentials.  Contrary to the "sudo" method, no
session is run permanently in the background.  This is for security

990 991 992 993
*** Connection methods "obex" and "synce" are removed, because they
are obsoleted in GVFS.

Michael Albinus's avatar
Michael Albinus committed
994 995 996
*** Validated passwords are saved by auth-source backends which support this.

997 998 999
*** During user and host name completion in the minibuffer, results
from auth-source search are taken into account.  This can be disabled
by setting the user option 'tramp-completion-use-auth-sources' to nil.

Michael Albinus's avatar
Michael Albinus committed
1002 1003 1004 1005
*** The user option 'tramp-ignored-file-name-regexp' allows to disable
Tramp for some look-alike remote file names.

1006 1007
*** For some connection methods, like "su" or "sudo", the host name in
1008 1009
ad-hoc multi-hop file names must match the previous hop.  Default host
names are adjusted to the host name from the previous hop.

1011 1012 1013 1014 1015
*** For the connection methods "sudo" and "doas" there exists a
timeout, after which the underlying session is disabled.  This is for
security reasons.

1016 1017 1018 1019 1020 1021 1022
** Rcirc

*** New user option 'rcirc-url-max-length'.
Setting this option to an integer causes URLs displayed in Rcirc
buffers to be truncated to that many characters.