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2008-01-25  Michael Olson  <>

	* NEWS: Update.

	* erc-goodies.el (keep-place): New module which keeps your place
	in unvisited ERC buffers when new messages arrive.  This is mostly
	taken from Johan Bockgård's init file.
	(erc-noncommands-list): Move to correct place.

	* erc-networks.el: Add a module definition.

	* erc-services.el (erc-nickserv-identify-mode): Force-enable the
	networks module, because we need it to set erc-network for us.

	* erc-track.el (erc-track-faces-normal-list): Indicate in the
	docstring that this variable can be set to nil.

	* erc.el: On second thought, don't load erc-networks.  Just enable
	the networks module by default.
	(erc-modules): Add option for keep-place and networks.  Enable
	networks by default.
	(erc-version-string): Make release candidate 1 available.

2008-01-24  Michael Olson  <>

	* erc.el: Load erc-networks.el so that functions get access to the
	`erc-network-name' function.

	* erc-track.el (erc-track-faces-normal-list): Add
	(erc-track-exclude-types): Add 333 and 353 to the default list of
	things to ignore, and explain what they are in the docstring.

2008-01-23  Michael Olson  <>

	* erc-track.el (erc-track-faces-priority-list): Move
	erc-nick-default-face higher, so that it can be used for the
	activity indication effect.  Add erc-current-nick-face,
	erc-pal-face, erc-dangerous-host-face, and erc-fool-face by
	(erc-track-faces-normal-list): New option that contains a list of
	faces to consider "normal".
	(erc-track-position-in-mode-line): Minor docfix.
	(erc-track-find-face): Use erc-track-faces-normal-list to produce
	a sort of blinking activity effect.

2008-01-22  Michael Olson  <>

	* erc-button.el (erc-button-add-nickname-buttons): When in a
	channel buffer, only look at nicks from the current channel.
	Thanks to e1f for the report.

2008-01-21  Michael Olson  <>

	* erc-compat.el (erc-const-expr-p, erc-list*, erc-assert): Remove,
	since we can use the default `assert' function without it causing
	us any problems, even in Emacs 21.  Thanks to bojohan for the

	* erc-goodies.el (move-to-prompt): Use the "XEmacs" method
	instead, because the [remap ...] method interferes with
	(erc-move-to-prompt): Rename from erc-move-to-prompt-xemacs.
	Deactivate mark and call push-mark before moving point.  Thanks to
	bojohan for the suggestion.
	(erc-move-to-prompt-setup): Rename from

	* erc-track.el (erc-track-faces-priority-list): Replace erc-button
	with '(erc-button erc-default-face) so that we only care about
	buttons that are part of normal text.  Adjust customization type
	to handle this case.  Make erc-nick-default-face a list.  Handle
	pals, fools, current nick, and dangerous hosts.
	(erc-track-find-face): Simplify.  Adapt for list of faces case.
	(erc-faces-in): Don't deflate lists of faces.  Add them as-is.
	(erc-track-face-priority): Use equal instead of eq.

2008-01-20  Michael Olson  <>

	* erc-goodies.el (erc-move-to-prompt, erc-move-to-prompt-xemacs):
	Fix off-by-one error that caused the point to move when placed at
	the beginning of some already-typed text.  Thanks to e1f for the

	* erc-dcc.el, erc-xdcc.el: Add simple module definitions.

	* erc.el (erc-modules): Add dcc and xdcc.

2008-01-19  Michael Olson  <>

	* erc-bbdb.el (erc-bbdb-insinuate-and-show-entry): Work around bug
	in XEmacs 21.4 that throws an error when the first argument to
	run-at-time is nil.

	* erc-button.el (button): Undo XEmacs-specific change to all ERC
	buffers when module is removed.
	(erc-button-setup): Rename from erc-button-add-keys, and move
	XEmacs-specific stuff here.

	* erc-goodies.el (erc-unmorse): Improve regexp for detecting
	morse.  Deal with the morse style that has "/ " at the end of
	every letter.
	(erc-imenu-setup): New function that sets up Imenu support.  Add
	it instead of a lambda form to erc-mode-hook.
	(scrolltobottom): Remove erc-scroll-to-bottom from all ERC buffers
	when module is removed.  Activate the functionality in all ERC
	buffers when the module is activated, rather than leaving it up to
	the user.
	(move-to-prompt): New module that moves to the ERC prompt if a
	user tries to type elsewhere in the buffer, and then inserts their
	keystrokes there.  This is mostly taken from Johan Bockgård's init
	(erc-move-to-prompt): New function that implements this.
	(erc-move-to-prompt-xemacs): New function that implements this for
	(erc-move-to-prompt-init-xemacs): New function to perform the
	extra initialization step needed for XEmacs.

	* erc-page.el, erc-replace.el: Fix header and footer.

	* erc-track.el (erc-track-minor-mode-maybe): Take an optional
	buffer arg so that we can put this in erc-connect-pre-hook.  If
	given this argument, include it in the check to determine whether
	to activate erc-track-minor-mode.
	(track): Add erc-track-minor-mode-maybe to erc-connect-pre-hook,
	so that we can use it as soon as a connection is attempted.

	* erc.el (erc-format-network, erc-format-target-and/or-network):
	Use erc-network-name function instead, and check to see whether
	that function is bound.  This fixes an error in process filter for
	people who did not have erc-services or erc-networks loaded.
	(erc-modules): Add move-to-prompt module and enable it by
	default.  Thanks to e1f for the suggestion.

2008-01-18  Michael Olson  <>

	* Makefile (EXTRAS): Include erc-list-old.el.

	* erc-dcc.el (erc-dcc-verbose): Rename from erc-verbose-dcc.
	(erc-pack-int): Rewrite to not depend on a count argument.
	(erc-unpack-int): Rewrite to remove 4-character limitation.
	(erc-dcc-server): Call set-process-coding-system and
	set-process-filter-multibyte so that the contents get sent out
	without modification.
	(erc-dcc-send-filter): Don't take a substring -- just pass the
	whole string to erc-unpack-int.
	(erc-dcc-receive-cache): New option that indicates the number of
	bytes to let the receive buffer grow before flushing it.
	(erc-dcc-file-name): New buffer-local variable to keep track of
	the filename of the currently-received file.
	(erc-dcc-get-file): Disable undo for a speed increase.  Set
	erc-dcc-file-name.  Truncate the file before writing to it.
	(erc-dcc-append-contents): New function to append the contents of
	a buffer to a file and then erase the contents of the buffer.
	(erc-dcc-get-filter): Flush buffer contents after exceeding
	erc-dcc-receive-cache.  This allows large files to be downloaded
	without storing the whole thing in memory.
	(erc-dcc-get-sentinel): Flush any remaining contents before
	closing.  No need to save buffer.
	(erc-dcc-listen-host): New option that determines which IP address
	to listen on.
	(erc-dcc-public-host): New option that determines which IP address
	to advertise when sending a file.  This is useful for people who
	are on a local subnet.  Together, these two options replace

	* erc.el (erc-mode-line-format): Add %N and %S.  %N is the name of
	the network, and %S is much like %s but with the network name
	trumping the server name.  Default to "%S %a".  Thanks to e1f for
	the suggestion.
	(erc-format-network): New function that formats the network name.
	(erc-format-target-and/or-network): New function that formats both
	the network name and target, falling back on the server name if
	the network name is not available.
	(erc-update-mode-line-buffer): Add the new format spec items.

2008-01-17  Michael Olson  <>

	* erc.el (erc-join-buffer): Improve documentation.
	(erc-query-display): New option indicating how to display a query
	buffer that is made by using the /QUERY command.  The default is
	to display the query in a new window.
	(erc-cmd-QUERY): Use it.  Improve docstring.
	(erc-auto-query): Default this to 'window-noselect instead,
	because I've already seen bug reports about new users thinking
	that ERC didn't display their test messages.  Improve
	customization type.
	(erc-notice-face): Make this work with XEmacs.
	(erc-join-buffer): Mention 'buffer in docstring.  Improve
	customization type.

	* erc-dcc.el (erc-dcc-send-sentinel): Better handle case where elt
	is nil, in order to avoid an error.  Thanks to Brent Goodrick for
	the initial patch.
	(erc-dcc-display-send): New function split from erc-dcc-send-hook.
	(erc-dcc-send-connect-hook): Use it -- we don't like lambda forms
	in hooks.
	(erc-dcc-send-filter): Display byte count if the client confirmed
	too much, and kill the buffer.  Otherwise a DoS might be possible
	by making Emacs run out of RAM.

	* erc-backend.el (erc-server-connect): Detect early on whether the
	connection attempt has failed in order to avoid confusing error

	* erc-networks.el (erc-server-alist): Add Rizon network.

	* erc-services.el (erc-nickserv-passwords): Add Rizon to options.
	(erc-nickserv-alist): Add support for Rizon.

	* erc-track.el (erc-track-find-face): Don't let buttons in notices
	trump default text.  Use catch/throw.  Default to first element of
	FACES is nothing is found.

	* erc-xdcc.el: Add local variables for proper indentation setup.

2008-01-15  Michael Olson  <>

	* erc-backend.el (erc-server-coding-system): Docfix.
	(erc-coding-system-for-target): Pass the `target' argument along
	as the first and only argument.  It's not good to just depend on a
	dynamic binding.

2008-01-10  Michael Olson  <>

	* erc-backend.el (321, 322): Split message-displaying parts into
	new functions, which are added to each response's respective
	hook.  This makes them easier to disable.

	* erc-list.el: New file from Tom Tromey.  Use erc-propertize
	instead of propertize.  Require 'erc.
	(list): New module definition.  Remove message-displaying
	functions for 321 and 322 response handlers when enabling the
	module, and restore them when disabling.  As a sanity check,
	remove the erc-list-handle-322 function when disabling the module.
	(erc-list-handle-322): Handle the case where we run the LIST
	command, but do not go through the normal steps.
	(erc-cmd-LIST): Add docstring.  Strip initial space from line if
	it is non-nil.  Use make-local-variable to silence compiler
	warning.  Capture current buffer and pass it to
	(erc-list-install-322-handler): Take server-buffer argument, so
	that we are certain of being in the right buffer.  Use 4th
	argument to add-hook, so that erc-server-322-functions is only
	modified in one buffer.

	* erc-list-old.el: Renamed from old erc-list.el.

	* erc.el (erc-modules): Add list-old.
	(erc-set-topic): Handle case where there are no newlines in the
	existing topic, which happens when /LIST is run.
	(erc-notice-face): If we have less than 88 colors, make this
	blue.  Otherwise the text will be pink in a tty, which looks
	dreadful.  Thanks to e1f for the report.
	(erc-remove-parsed-property): New option that determines whether
	to remove the erc-parsed property after displaying a message.
	This should have the effect of making ERC take up less memory.
	(erc-display-line-1): Use it.

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2008-01-04  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* erc-ibuffer.el (erc-channel-modes):
	Pass mode-name through format-mode-line


See ChangeLog.07 for earlier changes.

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