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#+TITLE: The Location of Emacs-Lisp Tests

* The Main Emacs Repository

The Emacs repository contains a very large number of Emacs-Lisp files, many of
which pre-date both formal package support for Emacs and automated unit

All paths are relative to the Emacs root directory.

** Source

Lisp files are stored in the ~lisp~ directory or its sub-directories.
Sub-directories are in many cases themed after packages (~gnus~, ~org~,
~calc~), related functionality (~net~, ~emacs-lisp~, ~progmodes~) or status

C source is stored in the ~src~ directory, which is flat.

** Test Files

24 25 26 27 28
Automated tests should be stored in the ~test/lisp~ directory for
tests of functionality implemented in Lisp, and in the ~test/src~
directory for functionality implemented in C.  Tests should reflect
the directory structure of the source tree; so tests for files in the
~lisp/emacs-lisp~ source directory should reside in the
29 30
~test/lisp/emacs-lisp~ directory.

31 32
Tests should normally reside in a file with ~-tests.el~ added to the
base-name of the tested source file; hence ~ert.el~ is tested in
~ert-tests.el~, and ~pcase.el~ is tested in ~pcase-tests.el~.  As an
34 35 36 37
exception, tests for a single feature may be placed into multiple
files of any name which are themselves placed in a directory named
after the feature with ~-tests~ appended, such as

39 40 41 42
Similarly, features implemented in C should reside in ~/test/src~ and
be named after the C file with ~-tests.el~ added to the base-name of
the tested source file.  Thus, tests for ~src/fileio.c~ should be in
43 44

There are also some test materials that cannot be run automatically
45 46
(i.e. via ert).  These should be placed in ~/test/manual~; they are
not run by the "make check" command and its derivatives.
47 48 49

** Resource Files

50 51 52
Resource files for tests (containing test data) should reside in a
directory named after the feature with a ~-resources~ suffix, and
located in the same directory as the feature.  Hence, the lisp file
53 54 55
~lisp/progmodes/flymake.el~, with tests in
~test/lisp/progmodes/flymake-tests.el~, should have resources in a
directory called ~test/lisp/progmodes/flymake-resources~.

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Paul Eggert committed
No guidance is given for the organization of resource files inside the
~-resources~ directory; files can be organized at the author's