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    A simpler, centralized INLINE. · 00382e8b
    Paul Eggert authored
    * lib-src/profile.c (INLINE): New macro.
    (SYSTIME_INLINE): Remove.
    * src/conf_post.h (INLINE): Define only if not already defined.
    This allows us to use a single INLINE, defined by one file
    per executable.
    * src/emacs.c (INLINE): Define it.
    Also, include category.h, charset.h, composite.h, dispextern.h,
    syntax.h, systime.h, so that their INLINE definitions are expanded
    properly for Emacs.
    * src/blockinput.h, src/keyboard.c (BLOCKINPUT_INLINE):
    * src/buffer.h, src/buffer.c (BUFFER_INLINE):
    * src/category.h, src/category.c (CATEGORY_INLINE):
    * src/character.h, src/character.c (CHARACTER_INLINE):
    * src/charset.h, src/charset.c (CHARSET_INLINE):
    * src/composite.h, src/composite.c (COMPOSITE_INLINE):
    * src/dispextern.h, src/dispnew.c (DISPEXTERN_INLINE):
    * src/frame.h, src/frame.c (FRAME_INLINE):
    * src/intervals.h, src/intervals.c (INTERVALS_INLINE):
    * src/keyboard.h, src/keyboard.c (KEYBOARD_INLINE):
    * src/lisp.h, src/alloc.c (LISP_INLINE):
    * src/process.h, src/process.c (PROCESS_INLINE):
    * src/syntax.h, src/syntax.c (SYNTAX_INLINE):
    * src/systime.h, src/sysdep.c (SYSTIME_INLINE):
    * src/termhooks.h, src/terminal.h (TERMHOOKS_INLINE):
    * src/window.h, src/window.c (WINDOW_INLINE):
    Remove.  All uses replaced with INLINE.
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