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    Make globals.h a generated header · 00b3c7ac
    Tom Tromey authored
    	* configure: Rebuild.
    	* configure.in (NS_OBJC_OBJ): New subst.
    	* make-docfile.c: Unconditionally include stdlib.h.
    	(generate_globals): New global.
    	(xrealloc): New function.
    	(main): Handle '-g'.  Call start_globals, write_globals.
    	(scan_file): Conditionally call put_filename.
    	(start_globals): New function.
    	(struct global): New.
    	(num_globals, globals): New globals.
    	(add_global, compare_globals, write_globals): New functions.
    	(scan_c_file): Update for "-g".
    	(scan_lisp_file): Fail if "-g".
    	(enum global_type): New.
    	* Makefile.in (NS_OBJC_OBJ): New variable.
    	(base_obj): Rename from 'obj'.
    	(obj): New variable.
    	(globals.h, gl-stamp, $(obj)): New targets.
    	(GLOBAL_SOURCES): New variable.
    	* globals.h: Remove.
    	* nsselect.m (Vselection_alist): Define.  Reverts part of
    	* buffer.c: Don't use "no_cell" for name of kill-buffer-hook's
    	* xselect.c (Vselection_alist): Define.  Reverts part of 2011-01-19T23:32:42Z!eggert@cs.ucla.edu.
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