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    Use with-current-buffer, match-string. · 01a7778e
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (diary-list-entries): Use with-syntax-table and dolist.
    Rename from list-diary-entries.
    Use number-of-diary-entries if `number' is nil.
    (diary, diary-view-entries): Use this new name and new nil arg value.
    (number-of-diary-entries): Move from calendar.el.
    (diary-unhide-everything): New function.
    (include-other-diary-files, fancy-diary-display)
    (diary-show-all-entries, make-diary-entry): Use it.
    (diary-mail-entries): Use buffer-string.
    (mark-diary-entries): Fix long standing paren typo.
    (diary-sexp-entry): Use count-lines.
    (make-diary-entry): Avoid `previous-line'.
    (diary-mode-map): New var.
    (diary-mode): Redraw cal after saving.  Setup header-line.
    (fancy-diary-display-mode): Use local-set-key.
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