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    Port better to POSIX hosts lacking _setjmp. · 0328b6de
    Paul Eggert authored
    * configure.ac (HAVE__SETJMP, HAVE_SIGSETJMP): New symbols.
    (_setjmp, _longjmp): Remove.
    * src/lisp.h: Include <setjmp.h> here, since we use its symbols here.
    All instances of '#include <setjmp.h>' removed, if the
    only reason for the instance was because "lisp.h" was included.
    (sys_jmp_buf, sys_setjmp, sys_longjmp): New symbols.
    Unless otherwise specified, replace all uses of jmp_buf, _setjmp,
    and _longjmp with the new symbols.  Emacs already uses _setjmp if
    available, so this change affects only POSIXish hosts that have
    sigsetjmp but not _setjmp, such as some versions of Solaris and
    Unixware.  (Also, POSIX-2008 marks _setjmp as obsolescent.)
    * src/image.c (_setjmp, _longjmp) [HAVE_PNG && !HAVE__SETJMP]: New macros.
    (png_load_body) [HAVE_PNG]:
    Use _setjmp and _longjmp rather than sys_setjmp and sys_longjmp,
    since PNG requires jmp_buf.  This is the only exception to the
    general rule that we now use sys_setjmp and sys_longjmp.
    This exception is OK since this code does not change the signal
    mask or longjmp out of a signal handler.
    Fixes: debbugs:12446
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