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    Remove unnecessary leading * in docstrings. · 04864eb0
    Stefan Monnier authored
    (vc-annotate-mode-map): Move initialization into declaration.
    (vc-static-header-alist): Nitpick on the regexp.
    (vc-default-init-version): New fun.
    (vc-register): Use it.
    (vc-insert-headers): Use dolist.
    (vc-annotate-get-backend): Remove unused function.
    (vc-annotate-add-menu): Remove.  Build the menu directly at toplevel.
    (vc-annotate-mode): Remove corresponding call.
    (vc-annotate-car-last-cons): Simplify.
    (vc-annotate-buffers): Remove var.
    (vc-annotate-backend): Make it buffer-local.
    (vc-annotate): Move the interaction to the interactive spec.
    Add a `buf' argument.
    (vc-annotate-warp-version): Use this new `buf' argument to avoid
    killing&creating a vc-annotate buffer, which is very disruptive when
    the buffers are shown in dedicated frames.
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