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    Fix off-by-1 bug in --enable-checking=stringbytes · 05aa6d4a
    Paul Eggert authored
    Evidently nobody builds Emacs with --enable-checking=all,
    which is no surprise as it is so slow as to be unusable nowadays.
    Perhaps we should remove the slowest checks, or move them into
    another category, or speed them up, or something.
    * src/alloc.c (SDATA_SIZE) [GC_CHECK_STRING_BYTES]: Fix off-by-one
    error in size calculation, which caused a failure when
    --enable-checking=stringbytes was used.  I introduced this bug in
    2016-09-08T01:08:45!eggert@cs.ucla.edu "Port flexible array
    members to GCC + valgrind".
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