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    [EXIT_SUCCESS, EXIT_FAILURE]: Define them when no · 05d9a399
    Francesco Potortì authored
    <stdlib.h> is available.
    (enum sym_type): New st_C_attribute value for parsing
    gcc's __attribute__.  Deleted st_C_typespec value.
    (gperf, in_word_set): Use gperf 3, options changed.  Added the
    __attribute__ keyword, removed all the st_C_typespec keywords,
    changed attribute for Java to (C_JAVA & !C_PLPL).
    (inattribute): New global bool, part of the C state machine.
    (cblev): Identifier renamed to bracelev throughout.
    (consider_token, C_entries): Numerous changes for making the
    parser more robust and adding support for __attribute__.
    Tiny change by David A. Capello <dacap@users.sourceforge.net> -
    (Lua_suffixes, Lua_help, lang_names, Lua_functions):
    Support the Lua scripting language <http://www.lua.org>.
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