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    Update X Resources chapter of Emacs manual. · 06848b82
    Chong Yidong authored
    * doc/emacs/xresources.texi (X Resources): Describe GTK+ case first.
    (Resources): Don't use borderWidth as an example, since it doesn't
    work with GTK+.
    (Table of Resources): Clarify role of several resources, including
    the Emacs 24 behavior of cursorBlink etc.
    (Face Resources): Node deleted.  Recommend using Customize
    instead.  Add paragraph to `Table of Resources' node summarizing
    how to use X resources for changing faces.
    (Lucid Resources): Rewrite, omitting description of font names,
    referring to the Fonts node instead.
    (LessTif Resources): Copyedits.
    (GTK resources): Rewrite, describing the difference between gtk2
    and gtk3.
    (GTK Resource Basics): New node.
    (GTK Widget Names, GTK Names in Emacs): Rewrite.
    (GTK styles): Just refer to Fonts node for GTK font format.
    * doc/emacs/display.texi (Faces): Document the cursor face.
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