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    Fix that executing applescript may hang emacs uninterruptedly. · 08e3161a
    Jan Djärv authored
    * nsfns.m (as_script, as_result, as_status): New static variables.
    (ns_run_ascript): New function.
    (Fns_do_applescript): Set variables as_*. Make an NSApplicationDefined
    event with data2 set to NSAPP_DATA2_RUNASSCRIPT, post it and then start
    the event loop.  Get status from as_status.
    * nsterm.h (ns_run_ascript): Declare.
    * nsterm.m (sendEvent): If event is NSApplicationDefined and
    data2 is NSAPP_DATA2_RUNASSCRIPT, call ns_run_ascript and then exit
    the event loop (Bug#7276).
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