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    * process.c: Add defined (HAVE_GSETTINGS) for xgselect.h · 0949d2b6
    Jan Djärv authored
    (wait_reading_process_output): Add defined (HAVE_GSETTINGS) for
    * xgselect.c: Add defined (HAVE_GSETTINGS).
    (xgselect_initialize): Ditto.
    * xsettings.c (store_monospaced_changed): Take new font as arg and
    check for change against current_mono_font.
    (EMACS_TYPE_SETTINGS): Remove this and related defines.
    (emacs_settings_constructor, emacs_settings_get_property)
    (emacs_settings_set_property, emacs_settings_class_init)
    (emacs_settings_init, gsettings_obj): Remove.
    (something_changedCB): New function for HAVE_GSETTINGS.
    (something_changedCB): HAVE_GCONF: Call store_monospaced_changed
    with value as argument.
    (init_gsettings): Check that GSETTINGS_SCHEMA exists before calling
    g_settings_new.  Do not create gsettings_obj.
    Remove calls to g_settings_bind. Connect something_changedCB to
    Fixes: debbugs:8967
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