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    (rmail-msgref-vector): New variable. · 0985b412
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    Holds, for each message, a cons cell which contains the message number
    and which relocates if the message number changes.
    (rmail-forget-messages): Clear rmail-msgref-vector.
    (rmail-variables): Make rmail-msgref-vector buffer-local.
    (rmail-count-new-messages): Extend rmail-msgref-vector.
    (rmail-set-message-counters): Initialize rmail-msgref-vector.
    (rmail-only-expunge): Update rmail-msgref-vector.
    Don't look for mail-mode buffers specially.
    (rmail-reply): Use rmail-msgref-vector element as arg.
    (rmail-forward, rmail-retry-failure): Likewise.
    (rmail-mark-message): Accept an element of rmail-mark-message as arg.
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