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    Port memory buffer from gdb-ui.el · 0996385d
    Dmitry Dzhus authored
    (gdb-memory-address): New variable which holds top address of
    memory page shown in memory buffer
    (gdb-memory-repeat-count, gdb-memory-format, gdb-memory-unit): New
    customization variables.
    New functions:
    (gdb-display-memory-buffer, gdb-frame-memory-buffer): Functions to
    display the memory buffer.
    (gdb-memory-set-address, gdb-memory-set-repeat-count): Set memory
    buffer display parameters.
    (def-gdb-memory-format, gdb-memory-format-binary)
    (gdb-memory-format-octal, gdb-memory-format-unsigned)
    (gdb-memory-format-signed, gdb-memory-format-hexadecimal):
    Functions for setting memory buffer format.
    (gdb-memory-unit-word, gdb-memory-unit-halfword)
    (gdb-memory-unit-giant, gdb-memory-unit-byte): Functions to set
    unit size used in memory buffer.
    (gdb-memory-show-next-page, gdb-memory-show-previous-page): Switch
    to next/previous page of memory buffer.
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