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    Bugfix festival. · 0a125897
    Karoly Lorentey authored
    lib-src/emacsclient.c (main_argc, main_argv): New variables.
    (main): Initialize them.
    (fail): Use them.
    (window_change, copy_from_to): Don't kill if emacs_pid is zero.
    (pty_conversation): Watch the command socket, too.  Read emacs_pid
    here.  Emacs and emacsclient could deadlock if Emacs tried to do a
    reset_sys_modes before sending its pid.
    lisp/server.el: Automatically delete the client frame when done editing.
    (server-frames): New variable.
    (server-process-filter, server-sentinel, server-buffer-done): Use it.
    (server-process-filter): Do a redisplay before evaluating other
    parameters.  (Prevents "emacsclient -h -e '(delete-frame)'" from
    messing up the system.
    src/dispextern.h: Update prototypes.
    src/dispnew.c (window_change_signal): Do nothing if !term_initted.
    (init_display): Set the frame size from the tty data after term_init.
    src/emacs.c (main): Make sure things that init_sys_modes needs are 
    initialized before init_display (which calls init_sys_modes now).
    (sort_args): Use xfree, not free.
    (shut_down_emacs) [!EMACS_HAVE_TTY_PGRP]: Use reset_all_sys_modes
    instead of reset_sys_modes.
    src/frame.c (make_terminal_frame): Sigh. Move terminal initialization
    back to the middle of frame setup.  Handle errors by making sure that
    the delete_tty() called from term_init() will see and delete this
    (Fdelete_frame): Kill the frame before calling delete_tty().  Fix
    condition for tty deletion.
    src/keyboard.c (Fset_input_mode): Use reset_sys_modes on the current
    terminal only.
    src/lisp.h: Remove duplicate prototypes.
    src/msdos.c (croak): use reset_all_sys_modes().
    src/sysdeps.c (init_baud_rate): Added tty parameter, use it instead of CURTTY.
    (child_setup_tty): Reset sigio on stdin, not CURTTY().
    (reset_sigio): Added fd parameter, put explicit fcntl there.
    (request_sigio, unrequest_sigio)[FASYNC]: Simply block/unblock the
    SIGIO signal, don't touch the file params.  There are multiple ttys
    now, and we can't disable the SIGIO from emacsclient.
    (get_tty_size)[VMS]: Use tty_out instead of CURTTY().
    (reset_sys_modes): Don't call cursor_to, clear_end_of_line; call
    cmgoto and tty_clear_end_of_line instead.  The frame may already be
    dead.  Updated reset_sigio call.
    src/term.c (clear_and_of_line): Separate tty-dependent stuff to
    tty_clear_end_of_line() for reset_sys_modes.
    (tty_clear_end_of_line): New function.
    (term_init): Added frame parameter, don't use selected_frame.
    Set the frame's output_data.tty value (in case there is an error
    later).  Set the frame size in Wcm, not in the frame.  Only free the
    termcap buffer if there is a termcap-related error.  Call
    init_sys_modes last, not first.
    (deleting_tty): New variable.
    (delete_tty): Use it for handling recursive calls.  Free deleted tty,
    except its Wcm (there is still a dangling reference somewhere).
    git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-19
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