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    Backport bug 7517 fixes from trunk. · 0ad25444
    Jan Djärv authored
    * coding.h (ENCODE_UTF_8): Remove "Used by ..." comment.
    * nsfns.m (ns_set_name_iconic): Remove.
    (ns_get_screen): Don't assign integer to f.
    (ns_set_name_internal): New function.
    (Vicon_title_format): Extern declare.
    (ns_set_name): Call ns_set_name_internal.
    (x_explicitly_set_name): Remove call to ns_set_name_iconic.
    (x_implicitly_set_name): Ditto.
    (x_set_title): Remove commet about EXPLICIT.  Call ns_set_name_internal.
    (ns_set_name_as_filename): Encode name with ENCODE_UTF_8.
    Always use buffer name for title and buffer filename only for
    RepresentedFilename. Handle bad UTF-8 in buffer name (Bug#7517).
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