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    Give up on -Wsuggest-attribute=const · 0adc75af
    Paul Eggert authored
    The attribute doesn't help performance significantly, and the
    warning seems to be more trouble than it's worth.  See the thread at:
    * configure.ac (WERROR_CFLAGS): Don't use -Wsuggest-attribute=const.
    * lib-src/make-docfile.c (write_globals):
    Remove special hack for Fnext_read_file_uses_dialog_p.
    * src/decompress.c (Fzlib_available_p):
    * src/gnutls.c (Fgnutls_available_p):
    * src/gtkutil.h (xg_uses_old_file_dialog):
    * src/xdisp.c (Ftool_bar_height):
    * src/xmenu.c (popup_activated):
    No longer const, since it's not const on at lest some
    configurations, and we shouldn't lie to the compiler.
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