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    Updates for compiling with Gtk+ 3.0 (--with-x-toolkit=gtk3). · 0afb4571
    Jan D authored
    * configure.in: Require 3.0 for --with-gtk3.  Add HAVE_GTK3.
    * doc/emacs/xresources.texi (GTK resources): ~/.emacs.d/gtkrc does not work
    for Gtk+ 3.
    * src/gtkutil.c: Include gtkx.h if HAVE_GTK3.  If ! HAVE_GTK3, define
    gdk_window_get_screen, gdk_window_get_geometry,
    gdk_x11_window_lookup_for_display and GDK_KEY_g.
    (xg_set_screen): Use DEFAULT_GDK_DISPLAY.
    (xg_get_pixbuf_from_pixmap): New function.
    (xg_get_pixbuf_from_pix_and_mask): Change parameters from GdkPixmap
    to Pixmap, take frame as parameter, remove GdkColormap parameter.
    Call xg_get_pixbuf_from_pixmap instead of
    (xg_get_image_for_pixmap): Do not make GdkPixmaps, call
    xg_get_pixbuf_from_pix_and_mask with Pixmap parameters instead.
    (xg_check_special_colors): Use GtkStyleContext and its functions
    for HAVE_GTK3.
    (xg_prepare_tooltip, xg_hide_tooltip): Call gdk_window_get_screen.
    (xg_prepare_tooltip, create_dialog, menubar_map_cb)
    (xg_update_frame_menubar, xg_to...
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