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    (Info-search-whitespace-regexp): Fix backslashes. · 0b02cda9
    Juri Linkov authored
    (Info-search): Add new optional arguments for the sake of isearch.
    Replace whitespace in Info-search-whitespace-regexp literally.
    Add backward search.  Don't call `Info-select-node' if regexp is
    found in the same Info node.  Don't add node to Info-history for
    wrapped isearch.
    (Info-search-backward, Info-isearch-search, Info-isearch-wrap)
    (Info-isearch-push-state, Info-isearch-pop-state): New funs.
    (Info-mode): Set local variables `isearch-search-fun-function',
    `isearch-wrap-function', `isearch-push-state-function',
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