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    * progmodes/ada-mode.el: Fix bug#1920, bug#5400. · 0b702bc1
    Stephen Leake authored
      (ada-ident-re): Delete ., allow multibyte characters.
      (ada-goto-label-re): New; matches goto labels.
      (ada-block-label-re): New; matches block labels.
      (ada-label-re): New; matches both.
      (ada-named-block-re): Deleted; callers changed to use
      `ada-block-label-re' instead.
      (ada-get-current-indent, ada-get-indent-noindent, ada-get-indent-loop):
      Use `ada-block-label-re'.
      (ada-indent-on-previous-lines): Improve handling of goto labels.
      (ada-get-indent-block-start): Special-case block label.
      (ada-get-indent-label): Split into `ada-indent-block-label' and
      (ada-goto-stmt-start, ada-goto-next-non-ws): Optionally ignore goto labels.
      (ada-goto-next-word): Simplify.
      (ada-indent-newline-indent-conditional): Insert newline before
      trying to fix indentation; doc fix.
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