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    Set up the bidi iterator for iterating display strings and overlay strings. · 0c22566f
    Eli Zaretskii authored
    Not tested yet, just compiled.
     src/xdisp.c (handle_single_display_spec, next_overlay_string)
     (get_overlay_strings_1, push_display_prop): Set up the bidi
     iterator for displaying display or overlay strings.
     (forward_to_next_line_start): Don't use the shortcut if
     (back_to_previous_visible_line_start): If handle_display_prop
     pushed the iterator stack, restore the internal state of the bidi
     iterator by calling bidi_pop_it same number of times.
     (reseat_at_next_visible_line_start): If ON_NEWLINE_P is non-zero,
     and we are bidi-iterating, don't decrement the iterator position;
     instead, set the first_elt flag in the bidi iterator, to produce
     the same effect.
     (reseat_1): Remove redundant setting of string_from_display_prop_p.
     (push_display_prop): xassert that we are iterating a buffer.
     (push_it, pop_it): Save and restore the state of the
     bidi iterator.  Save and restore the bidi_p flag.
     (pop_it): Iterate out of display property for string iteration as
     (iterate_out_of_display_property): Support iteration over strings.
     (handle_single_display_spec): Set up it->bidi_it for iteration
     over a display string, and call bidi_init_it.
     src/bidi.c (bidi_cache_start_stack, bidi_push_it): Use IT_STACK_SIZE.
     src/dispextern.h (struct iterator_stack_entry): New member bidi_p.
     (struct it): Member bidi_p is now a bit field 1 bit wide.
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