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    Allow the user to alter the bit grouping in hexl.el · 0d15b5ba
    Vivek Dasmohapatra authored
    * hexl.el (hexl-bits): New variable.
    (hexl-options): Mention the variable in the doc string.
    (hexl-rulerise): New function.
    (hexl-line-displen): New function
    (hexl-mode): Mention the new variable.
    (hexl-mode, hexl-current-address, hexl-current-address): Use the
    (hexl-ascii-start-column): New function.
    (hexl-address-to-marker, hexl-beginning-of-line, hexl-options)
    (hexl-insert-char, hexl-mode-ruler): Use the displen.
    Fixes: debbugs:4941
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