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    * gtkutil.c: Integer overflow fixes. · 0eb0f318
    Paul Eggert authored
    (get_utf8_string, xg_store_widget_in_map):
    Check for size-calculation overflow.
    (get_utf8_string): Use ptrdiff_t, not size_t, where either will
    do, as we prefer signed integers.
    (id_to_widget.max_size, id_to_widget.used)
    (xg_store_widget_in_map, xg_remove_widget_from_map)
    (xg_get_widget_from_map, xg_get_scroll_id_for_window)
    (xg_remove_scroll_bar, xg_update_scrollbar_pos):
    Use and return ptrdiff_t, not int.
    (xg_gtk_scroll_destroy): Don't assume ptrdiff_t fits in int.
    * gtkutil.h: Change prototypes to match the above.
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