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    Bring back dmpstruct.h · 9994bf17
    Paul Eggert authored
    Bring back the dmpstruct.h checking, and use it when
    --enable-checking=structs is specified.  The checking can be helpful
    to some developers, although it gets in the way of others and is
    not needed for ordinary tarball builds.
    * src/dmpstruct.awk: Restore this file, with mode 644 not 755.
    * configure.ac: New option-arg --enable-checking=structs,
    implied by --enable-checking.
    (CHECK_STRUCTS): New macro and var.
    * src/Makefile.in (CHECK_STRUCTS): New macro.
    (dmpstruct_headers, dmpstruct.h, dmpstruct.h):
    Restore these macros and rules.
    (pdumper.o): Restore this dependency if $(CHECK_STRUCTS) is true.
    (mostlyclean): Remove dmpstruct.h.
    * src/pdumper.c [CHECK_STRUCTS]: Include dmpstruct.h,
    and restore checks against hashes.
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