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    Implement cygw32 · 0fda9b75
    Daniel Colascione authored
    Here, we use the generic window-system configuration system we just
    implemented to support the w32 window-system in the mainline build
    under Cygwin.  (Previously, the w32 window system could only be
    compiled as part of the NT-native Emacs build process.)
    The changes in this patch need to be applied atomically in order to
    avoid breaking Emacs.  The changes include:
      - Changes throughout the Lisp and C code to not assume that
          NT Emacs and the w32 window system are synonymous.
      - Wiring up the regular select(2) event loop to Windows messages
      - Cleaning up the w32 drag-and-drop receiving code.
      - Exposing Cygwin path conversion functions to elisp.
      - Unicode file dialog support when compiling for Cygwin.
      - Splitting the w32 term lisp initialization code into code
        applicable to any w32 window-system and code specific to
        system-type windows-nt.
      - Integrating the old and new w32 code into the build system.
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