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    Fix some display-buffer related issues. · 0ff7851c
    Martin Rudalics authored
    * window.el (enlarge-window, shrink-window): Don't mention return
    value in doc-string (Bug#12896).
    (window--display-buffer): Don't resize frames - it won't work
    with all window managers and defeat pop-up-frame-alist.
    (display-buffer-alist): In doc-string explain that CONDITION can
    be a function and which arguments are passed to it (Bug#12854).
    (display-buffer-assq-regexp): New argument ACTION.  Handle lambda
    expressions (Bug#12854).
    (display-buffer): Pass ACTION argument to
    * windows.texi (Choosing Window): Rewrite description of
    display-buffer-alist (Bug#12167).
    (Display Action Functions): Mention inhibit-switch-frame.  Fix
    description of display-buffer-below-selected.  Reorder actions.
    Add example (Bug#12848).
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