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    Update Variables chapter of Lisp manual to handle lexical binding. · 1021c761
    Chong Yidong authored
    * doc/lispref/variables.texi (Variables, Local Variables, Void Variables):
    Edit to make the descriptions less specific to dynamic binding.
    (Local Variables): Default max-specpdl-size is now 1300.
    (Defining Variables): Edits for lexical scoping.  Delete
    information about starting docstrings with *.  De-document
    (Tips for Defining): Remove an unimportant discussion of quitting
    in the middle of a load.
    (Accessing Variables, Setting Variables): Discuss lexical binding.
    (Variable Scoping): Rewrite.
    (Scope, Extent, Impl of Scope): Nodes deleted.
    (Dynamic Binding): New node, with material from Scope, Extent, and
    Impl of Scope nodes.
    (Dynamic Binding Tips): Rename from Using Scoping.
    (Lexical Binding): Rewrite.
    (Using Lexical Binding): Rename from Converting to Lexical
    Binding.  Convert to subsection.
    * doc/lispref/customize.texi (Variable Definitions): Add custom-variable-p.
    Move user-variable-p documentation here.
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