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    Use INT_ADD_WRAPV etc. to check integer overflow · 10873055
    Paul Eggert authored
    * src/alloc.c (xnmalloc, xnrealloc, xpalloc, Fmake_string):
    * src/buffer.c (record_overlay_string, overlay_strings):
    * src/casefiddle.c (casify_object):
    * src/ccl.c (Fccl_execute_on_string):
    * src/character.c (char_width, c_string_width, lisp_string_width)
    (count_size_as_multibyte, string_escape_byte8):
    * src/coding.c (coding_alloc_by_realloc, produce_chars):
    * src/data.c (arith_driver):
    * src/dispnew.c (realloc_glyph_pool, init_display):
    * src/editfns.c (styled_format):
    * src/fns.c (Ffillarray):
    * src/ftfont.c (ftfont_shape_by_flt):
    * src/gnutls.c (gnutls_hex_string):
    * src/gtkutil.c (get_utf8_string):
    * src/image.c (x_to_xcolors, x_detect_edges, png_load_body):
    * src/keymap.c (Fkey_description):
    * src/lisp.h (SAFE_ALLOCA_LISP):
    * src/term.c (encode_terminal_code):
    * src/tparam.c (tparam1):
    * src/xselect.c (x_property_data_to_lisp):
    * src/xsmfns.c (smc_save_yourself_CB):
    * src/xterm.c (x_term_init):
    When checking for integer overflow, prefer INT_MULTIPLY_WRAPV to
    more-complicated code involving division and/or
    INT_MULTIPLY_OVERFLOW, and similarly for INT_ADD_WRAPV and
    subtraction and/or INT_ADD_OVERFLOW.
    * src/casefiddle.c (casify_object): Simplify multibyte size check.
    * src/character.c: Remove some obsolete ‘#ifdef emacs’s.
    * src/data.c (arith_driver): Also check for division overflow,
    as that’s now possible given that the accumulator can now contain
    any Emacs integer.
    * src/lisp.h (lisp_word_count): Remove; no longer used.
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