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    Synopsis: Change allout user configuration so auto-activation is controlled · 11c46e15
    Ken Manheimer authored
    solely by customization `allout-auto-activation'.
    (allout-auto-activation-helper) (allout-setup): New autoloads implement new
    custom set procedure for allout-auto-activation.  Also, explicitly invoke
    (allout-setup) after allout-auto-activation is custom-defined, to effect
    the settings in emacs sessions besides the few where allout-auto-activation
    customization is donea.
    (allout-auto-activation): Use allout-auto-activation-helper to :set.
    Revise the docstring.
    (allout-init): Reduce functionality to just customizing
    allout-auto-activation, and mark obsolete.
    (allout-mode): Respect string values for allout-auto-activation.  Run
    allout-after-copy-or-kill-hook without any args.
    (allout-mode) (allout-layout) (allout-default-layout) (outlineify-sticky):
    Adjust docstring for new scheme.
    (allout-after-copy-or-kill-hook): No arguments - hook implementers should
    concentrate on the kill ring.
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