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    * xterm.c (compose_status): New variable. · 11edeb03
    Jim Blandy authored
    	(XTread_socket): Pass it by reference to XLookupString.
    	* xterm.c: Clean up some of the caps lock handling:
    	(x_shift_lock_mask): New variable.
    	(x_find_modifier_mappings): Set it, based on the modifier mappings.
    	(x_convert_modifiers): Use x_shift_lock_mask, instead of assuming
    	that the lock bit always means to shift the character.
    	(XTread_socket): When handling KeyPress events, don't pass an
    	XComposeStatus structure along to XLookupString.  When handling
    	MappingNotify events, call XRefreshKeyboardMapping for both
    	MappingModifier and MappingKeyboard events, not just the latter.
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