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    * systty.h: Remove code for Aix on 386, unsupported platform. · 132d0475
    Dan Nicolaescu authored
    * s/ms-w32.h: Remove boilerplate comments.
    (fcloseall, fgetchar, flushall, fputchar, getw, putw): Remove, unused.
    * s/gnu-linux.h (TERM): Remove support.
    (HAVE_SYSVIPC): Remove, unused.
    for this system.
    * process.c: Remove support for IRIS, unused.
    Remove support for TERM, not relevant anymore.
    * unexalpha.c (DEFAULT_ENTRY_ADDRESS): Remove, replace the only
    used with the definition.
    * s/aix4-2.h (static): Do not undef.
    * m/ibmrs6000.h: Remove code depending on USG5_4, this file is
    only used on Aix.
    (HAVE_SYSVIPC): Remove, unused.
    * m/hp800.h (CANNOT_DUMP): Do not undef.
    * m/alpha.h: Fix comment.
    * s/usg5-4.h (HAVE_SYSVIPC): Remove, unused.
    (USG_SHARED_LIBRARIES): Remove, only used in unexec.c which is not
    used by this configuration.
    * emacs.c: Remove code depending on USG_SHARED_LIBRARIES.
    * unexec.c: Remove code depending on HPUX and
    USG_SHARED_LIBRARIES, not used with this file.  Remove code
    depending on IRIS, unused.  Remove if 0-ed code.
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