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    Overflow, signedness and related fixes for images. · 13464394
    Paul Eggert authored
    * dispextern.h (struct it.stack[0].u.image.image_id)
    (struct_it.image_id, struct image.id, struct image_cache.size)
    (struct image_cache.used, struct image_cache.ref_count):
    * gtkutil.c (update_frame_tool_bar):
    * image.c (x_reference_bitmap, Fimage_size, Fimage_mask_p)
    (Fimage_metadata, free_image_cache, clear_image_cache, lookup_image)
    (cache_image, mark_image_cache, x_kill_gs_process, Flookup_image):
    * nsmenu.m (update_frame_tool_bar):
    * xdisp.c (calc_pixel_width_or_height):
    * xfns.c (image_cache_refcount):
    Image IDs are now ptrdiff_t, not int, to avoid arbitrary limits
    on typical 64-bit hosts.
    * image.c (RANGED_INTEGERP, TYPE_RANGED_INTEGERP): New macros.
    (x_bitmap_pixmap, x_create_x_image_and_pixmap):
    Omit unnecessary casts to int.
    (parse_image_spec): Check that integers fall into 'int' range
    when the callers expect that.
    (image_ascent): Redo ascent calculation to avoid int overflow.
    (clear_image_cache): Avoid overflow when sqrt (INT_MAX) < nimages.
    (lookup_image): Remove unnecessary tests.
    (xbm_image_p): Locals are now of int, not EMACS_INT,
    since parse_image_check makes sure they fit into int.
    (png_load, gif_load, svg_load_image):
    Prefer int to unsigned where either will do.
    (tiff_handler): New function, combining the cores of the
    old tiff_error_handler and tiff_warning_handler.  This
    function is rewritten to use vsnprintf and thereby avoid
    stack buffer overflows.  It uses only the features of vsnprintf
    that are common to both POSIX and native Microsoft.
    (tiff_error_handler, tiff_warning_handler): Use it.
    (tiff_load, gif_load, imagemagick_load_image):
    Don't assume :index value fits in 'int'.
    (gif_load): Omit unnecessary cast to double, and avoid double-rounding.
    (imagemagick_load_image): Check that crop parameters fit into
    the integer types that MagickCropImage accepts.  Don't assume
    Vimagemagick_render_type has a nonnegative value.  Don't assume
    size_t fits in 'long'.
    (gs_load): Use printmax_t to print the widest integers possible.
    Check for integer overflow when computing image height and width.
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