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    Fix obscure porting bug with varargs functions. · 1396ac86
    Paul Eggert authored
    The code assumed that int is treated like ptrdiff_t in a vararg
    function, which is not a portable assumption.  There was a similar
    -- though these days less likely -- porting problem with various
    assumptions that pointers of different types all smell the same as
    far as vararg functions is conserved.  To make this problem less
    likely in the future, redo the API to use varargs functions.
    * alloc.c (make_save_value): Remove this vararg function.
    All uses changed to ...
    (make_save_int_int_int, make_save_obj_obj_obj_obj)
    (make_save_ptr_int, make_save_funcptr_ptr_obj, make_save_memory):
    New functions.
    (make_save_ptr): Rename from make_save_pointer, for consistency with
    the above.  Define only on platforms that need it.  All uses changed.
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