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    Simplify doc/misc/Makefile.in with GNU Make features · 1470c88c
    Glenn Morris authored
    * doc/misc/Makefile.in (mkinfodir): Remove.
    (${buildinfodir}): Generate using an order-only prerequisite.
    (.dvi.ps): Replace with pattern rule.
    ($INFO_TARGETS): Mark as PHONY.
    (${buildinfodir}): New rule.
    (EXTRA_OPTS, need_emacsver, need_emacsver_prefix): New variables.
    (${buildinfodir}/%.info, %.dvi, %.pdf, %.html, %.ps):
    New pattern rules, replacing numerous previous explicit rules.
    (info_template): New definition.
    (gnus.dvi, gnus.pdf): Use distinct intermediate files.
    (mostlyclean): Adjust for above gnus change.
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