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    * lisp/htmlfontify.el: Make it obey the font-lock-face text property. · 153c5428
    Stefan Monnier authored
    Miscellaneous cleanup such as:
    - Don't hide expressions after a closing paren.
    - Move initial setq into let.
    - Hoist common parts out of ifs.
    (hfy-p-to-face, hfy-p-to-face-lennart): Remove.
    (hfy-face-at): Use get-text-property instead.
    (hfy-prop-invisible-p): Use invisible-p if available.
    (htmlfontify-manual): Use \\[...].
    (hfy-html-quote-regex): Use [...].
    (hfy-combined-face-spec): Simplify.
    (hfy-compile-face-map): Don't presume point-min==1.
    (hfy-css-name, hfy-buffer, htmlfontify-buffer): Use \' rather than $ to
    match end of string.
    (hfy-text-p): η-reduce.
    (hfy-tags-for-file): Receive cache-hash directly.
    (hfy-mark-tag-names): Adjust call.
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