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    Major bugfixes and slight enhancements. · 16c290d8
    Karoly Lorentey authored
    src/dispextern.h (get_tty_size, tabs_safe_p, init_baud_rate): Update
    src/dispnew.c (window_change_signal): Update call to get_tty_size.
    src/frame.c (Fmake_terminal_frame): Ditto.
    src/keyboard.c (Fsuspend_emacs): Ditto.
    src/sysdep.c: Eliminate tty_outputs, wherever possible.  (The
    exceptions are init_sys_modes and reset_sys_modes, which need access
    to tty-local parameters).
    (init_baud_rate): Change tty_output parameter to a simple file descriptor.
    (narrow_foreground_group, widen_foreground_group): Ditto.
    (tabs_safe_p, get_tty_size): Ditto.
    (init_sys_modes): Update narrow_foreground_group invocation.
    (reset_sys_modes): Update widen_foreground_group invocation.
    (request_sigio)[!FASYNC && STRIDE]: Fix function signature.
    src/term.c (delete_tty): Only close output file handle if it is
    different from input.  Re-enable freeing of Wcm.
    (term_init): Update get_tty_size, tabs_safe_p and init_baud_rate
    lib-src/emacsclient.c (here): Renamed to frame.
    (longopts): Change --here to --frame.  The -h short option may be
    confused with --help.
    (decode_options, print_help_and_exit): Update to reflect above changes.
    (main): Ditto.
    lisp/server.el (server-start): Fix frame-live-p call syntax.
    (server-process-filter): Handle 'emacsclient -f' without file
    arguments.  Don't return any values to emacsclient when 'emacsclient
    -f -e'.
    (server-switch-buffer): Prevent infinite recursion when there are no
    files to edit.
    git-archimport-id: lorentey@elte.hu--2004/emacs--multi-tty--0--patch-27
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