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    * lisp/mail/footnote.el: Add TEXT and POINTERS together · 17a72298
    Stefan Monnier authored
    Rather than adding POINTERS and TEXT separately to footnote--markers-alist,
    add them together, so we don't need footnote--first-text-marker because
    the TEXT part is never nil.
    (footnote--insert-numbered-footnote): Return marker.
    (footnote--insert-text-marker, footnote--insert-pointer-marker):
    Delete functions.
    (footnote--insert-markers): New function to replace them.
    (footnote--insert-footnote): Adjust accordingly.
    Simplify pointless `unless`.
    (footnote--first-text-marker): Remove.  Replace all calls by
    (cadr (car footnote--markers-alist)) or just footnote--markers-alist.
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