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    (defcustom-mh, defface-mh, defgroup-mh, mh-face-data) · 17ce6de7
    Bill Wohler authored
    (mh-strip-package-version, mh-face-data, mh-inherit-face-flag)
    (mh-min-colors-defined-flag): Do not unbind these macros and
    variables. Nice idea, but too many nasty side-effects. These macros
    are needed by [Cc]ustom-make-dependencies when creating the MH-E
    customization groups in mh-cus-load.el. These disappeared when the
    macros above were introduced. Besides, if a developer were to try to
    show the help for a macro or variable they were looking at and got [No
    match] when they did so, that would be bad.
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