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    Fix several Package Menu and Finder bugs. · 187d3296
    Chong Yidong authored
    * finder.el: Load finder-inf using `require'.
    (finder-list-matches): Sorting by status is now the default.
    (finder-compile-keywords): Simpify printing.
    * emacs-lisp/package.el (package--read-archive-file): Just use
    `read', to avoid copying an additional string.
    (package-menu-mode): Set header-line-format here.
    (package-menu-refresh, package-menu-revert): Signal an error if
    not in the Package Menu.
    (package-menu-package-list): New var.
    (package--generate-package-list): Operate on the current buffer;
    don't assume that it is *Packages*, since the user may rename it.
    Allow persistent package listings and sort keys using
    package-menu-package-list and package-menu-package-sort-key.
    (package-menu--version-predicate): Fix version calculation.
    (package-menu-sort-by-column): Don't select the window.
    (package--list-packages): Create the *Packages* buffer.  Set
    (list-packages): Sorting by status is now the default.
    (package-buffer-info): Use match-string-no-properties.
    (define-package): Add a &rest argument for future proofing, but
    don't use it yet.
    (package-install-from-buffer, package-install-buffer-internal):
    Merged into a single function, package-install-from-buffer.
    (package-install-file): Caller changed.
    Also, fix headers for hfy-cmap.el and ps-print.el.
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