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    * mh-index.el (mh-index-search): Checking mh-find-path-run is · 191c8741
    Bill Wohler authored
    * mh-init.el (mh-sys-path): Co-locate with mh-variants, which uses it.
    (mh-variants): Note variable isn't meant to be accessed directly; use
    function mh-variants instead.
    (mh-variant-info, mh-variant-mh-info, mh-variant-mu-mh-info)
    (mh-variant-nmh-info): Co-locate next to mh-variants, which uses them.
    Updated to use mh-file-command-p which is more accurrate than
    file-executable-p which returns t for directories.
    (mh-file-command-p): Move here from mh-utils, since mh-variant-*-info
    are the only functions to use it.
    (mh-variant-set, mh-variant-set-variant, mh-variant-p): Use function
    mh-variants instead of variable. More robust.
    (mh-find-path-run): Move here from mh-utils.el. Mention that checking
    this variable is unnecessary.
    (mh-find-path): Move here from mh-utils.el. With the advent of MH
    variants and an mhparam command that doesn't work if there isn't an MH
    profile, we can't get libdir for running install-mh. So don't bother.
    If there's an issue with the environment, direct the user to install
    MH and run install-mh (closes SF #835192). Don't read ~/.mh_profile
    directly. Use mh-profile-component which uses mhparam (closes SF
    * mh-utils.el (mh-get-profile-field): Rename to
    mh-profile-component-value. Add colon to search removing unnecessary
    addition of colon to field in mh-profile-component.
    (mh-profile-component): Modify call to mh-profile-component-value
    accordingly. Move next to mh-profile-component-value.
    (mh-find-path-run, mh-find-path, mh-file-command-p): Move to
    mh-init.el. It makes sense that code that is only run once per session
    (more or less) is in mh-init.el rather than cluttering mh-utils.el.
    (mh-no-install, mh-install): Delete.
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