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    (custom-buffer-create-internal): Use widget type · 192e44fc
    Juri Linkov authored
    `custom-manual' instead of `info-link' and don't set properties
    `button-face' and `mouse-face' explicitly.
    (custom-browse-group-tag, custom-browse-variable-tag)
    (custom-browse-face-tag): Inherit from widget class
    `custom-group-link' instead of `push-button'.
    (custom-button-unraised): Inherit from `underline' face.
    (custom-link): Inherit from `link' face.  Fix doc and group.
    (custom-add-parent-links, custom-group-value-create): Don't set
    properties `button-face' and `mouse-face' explicitly for
    `custom-group-link' widget.
    (custom-group-link): Add properties `button-face' and `mouse-face'
    to widget definition.
    (custom-field-keymap): New variable.  Put `custom-field-keymap' to
    editable-field's :keymap property.
    (custom-mode): Fix docstring: substitute keybindings for
    `widget-forward' and `widget-backward' from `widget-keymap',
    `widget-complete' from `custom-field-keymap', replace old
    `Custom-move-and-invoke' with `widget-move-and-invoke'.  Untabify.
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