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    Fix problem with images referenced within svg files. (bug#19373) · 197a9e0c
    Ulf Jasper authored
    Fixes: debbugs:19373
    * src/image.c: Additional parameter 'filename' for
    svg_load_image. Include "buffer.h".  Define library function
    rsvg_handle_set_base_uri for WINDOWSNT.
    (init_svg_functions): Initialize rsvg_handle_set_base_uri.
    (fn_rsvg_handle_set_base_uri): Define fn_rsvg_handle_set_base_uri.
    (svg_load): Pass a filename to svg_load_image: either name of
    actual file or of current buffer's file.
    (svg_load_image): New parameter 'filename', used for setting
    base_uri, necessary for loading referenced images.
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