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    More signal-handler cleanup. · 1a4f1e9b
    Paul Eggert authored
    * configure.ac (FLOAT_CHECK_DOMAIN): Comment fix (Bug#12327).
    * src/floatfns.c: Comment fix.
    * src/lisp.h (force_auto_save_soon): Declare regardless of SIGDANGER.
    SIGDANGER might not be in scope so "#ifdef SIGDANGER" is not right,
    and anyway the declaration is harmless even if SIGDANGER is not defined.
    * src/syssignal.h (SIGIO): Also #undef if (! defined FIONREAD ||
    defined BROKEN_FIONREAD).  systty.h formerly did this, but other
    source files not surprisingly expected syssignal.h to define, or
    not define, SIGIO, and it's cleaner to do it that way, for consistency.
    Include <sys/ioctl.h>, for FIONREAD.
    * src/systty.h (SIGIO): Do not #undef here; it's now syssignal.h's job.
    This eliminates a problem whereby other files mysteriously had
    to include "syssignal.h" before including "systty.h" if they
    wanted to use "#ifdef SIGIO".
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