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    (mac_copy_area, mac_copy_area_with_mask): Restore background color. · 1f98fbb4
    YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu authored
    (mac_handle_visibility_change): New function.
    (x_make_frame_invisible, x_iconify_frame)
    (XTread_socket) [!USE_CARBON_EVENTS]: Use it.
    [USE_CARBON_EVENTS] (mac_handle_window_event)
    (install_window_handler): Handle visibilty change events.
    (x_make_frame_visible): Don't reposition window if it is iconified
    or asked for visible before.  Select and uncollapse window when it
    is made visible.
    (x_make_frame_invisible): Don't reset x_highlight_frame.
    (x_iconify_frame): Likewise.  Make invisible frame visible before
    it is iconified.
    (read_socket_inev): Move variable outside #if USE_CARBON_EVENTS.
    (do_window_update): Don't change visibility of invisible frame.
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